10 March, 2008

Naughty 40, huh!!!

Ok ok already, enough of the insults... I'm 40!!! (as of today at 2.10pm that is!)

And so, I would like to thank you all (both near and far) for all of your birthday wishes. I know that some of you came around on Saturday night for a party, and didn't we have a ball! There was almost as many kids as adults!

The lamb, marinated and then BBQ was fantastic I thought, and the Roasted chook with a beer can up it's butt was, again, a treat. This time, we used a can of Guinness Beer!

But, the piece de resistance was the cake! L and 'the next sister down' went off on Friday to El Sweetie, a Lebanese sweet shop nearby. They ordered a Chocolate Cointreau Dome, which, as the name might suggest, was TO DIE FOR!!! What do you think:

Candle Assistance

Candle Assistance
I did have a lot of assistance in blowing out the candles though, thanks to M, W & L!!!
(a general warning was also delivered to excuse the potential slobber that may have been inflicted onto the cake from these three little fellas...).


  1. Best Birthday Wishes for a special day.. enjoy the day...

  2. Many Many Birthday Wishes for you and i m always give best wishes for you

  3. Best and beautiful birthday wishes for you guys enjoy the day.

  4. I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to you and Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.


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