25 May, 2005

r u going round the twist

what's wrong with this picture?

odd shoes

This morning I was feeling pretty good about myself, I had on a new skirt and top and was not running late for work. I even had time to put petrol in the car and happily accepted the compliment from the petrol station attendent who commented on my "great skirt" and that I looked like I was "ready for a hot date". Wow, this was going to be a great day!

A short time later I was sitting at my desk having a cup of tea, going over some reports to be discussed at a meeting at 11.00am when a couple of my colleagues arrived. After a brief bit of chit chat one of my colleagues very worriedly and gently pointed out to me that I had on two different shoes.

Me: No way, Have I?, No I wore the same shoes yesterday, MY GOD You're right. LOTS OF LAUGHING
BR: Yes, I noticed yesterday afternoon, but as you were leaving soon, it didn't seem a big deal.
Me: That's so funny, well at least they're both black.

As another colleague arrives, and asks what's funny, I explain and she too says she noticed yesterday.

Me: Didn't you think that was a bit weird of me?
KR: I thought maybe you had a sore foot or something, I dunno really

The crazy thing is though, in my mind I believed I was wearing the shiny pair of shoes with the ribbing across the top and the right shoe (the one I am not wearing) has some loose stitching, and when I went to the loo the day before I clearly recall looking at my right foot and thinking "didn't that shoe have some loose stitching......I must have got that repaired".

Anyway B saved the day, being at home he was able to bring me out the other half of one of the pairs I was wearing.

24 May, 2005

damn PC's and trying hard to sleep....

What a weekend.....

On Friday evening, not sure how but that's not the issue, this old PC got a virus! You see, we have the latest version of Norton, but for Uni work, we have had to turn off some parts of it. So when it (Norton) did it's normal Friday scan, it showed that it had a problem....

So, in an effort to try and get rid of it, suddenly our 'favorites' disappeared, the 'quick launch' items also disappeared, and I thought this is not good, and it wasn't. So, it was the order of the day to wipe it all, after copying files to CD first of course to back-up important files, I thought that I had fixed the problem by wiping the hard drive clean of all files and re-installing Windows operating system and went to bed to sort the rest of it out tomorrow (Saturday). But, when I got into it on Sat afternoon, I downloaded all of the latest patches and service packs etc from Microsoft, I was shocked to see when I next booted up, there was two versions of my operating system!! F*@K is what I though!!

So after doing some further internet reading on how to fix this problem, I eventually got it done , did I say it was now Sunday afternoon by this stage??? So, now it is Sunday evening, I have a single Windows XP Home edition running smoothly, all of which is up to date, Norton installed and almost all of my other applications re-installed. So what's the problem now??

I still can't get any sleep! Now yesterday was a great day, I installed all of our favorites (I was lucky enough to find where they were before wiping them off), B from Wangaratta came up for a visit; the cleaner had done another fantastic job, and the PC was running smoothly for L who is now back in the groove of studying. So why in GODS name am I up at this time of the morning unable to sleep???


20 May, 2005

tripping-out on drugs (for pain relief of course!!!)

Well, last night we made a trek to the shops as I was going MAD in the house after 5 weeks, and I thought I was 'tripping out' after taking my Endone for pain management before heading out....

Tripping out on this Mazda 121
But, it was confirmed by 'L' that I was not actually tripping-out, as she could see this little Mazda 121 as well....


17 May, 2005


Have you ever had one of those nights when NOTHING you do, you just cant get to sleep??

Well, this has been happening to me for the last two weeks at least!! I can just about tell you what is (or isn't) on TV during the wee hours of the morning, but BB05 up late is.... amusing to say the least!!

Although last night we had a bit of an exception to this. Can I just say ... Jasmine 5 mouse (ies) 0!! You see, after trying unsuccessfully to get comfy on the lounge downstairs where at least I was near to where L was studying, at around 8.30pm I had enough and went upstairs to bed. This was OK by all with Jas amusing herself somewhere in the house and Macc was already fast (dog tired ... ha ha) asleep on the bed. Next thing I know, is that L is coming to bed (9.30ish) and all is well, but I was now awake and was tossing and turning again trying to get back to sleep.

Anyways, next thing you know Jas is running around the house like a mad cat with a 'play toy' in her mouth..... here we go again!!!!

After about 30 mins or so chasing the cat who was chasing the mouse who was chasing somewhere to hide not only from the cat, but a pair of humans (one of which was screaming her head off anytime it came within a mile of her) as well!!

Once all things were caught, and with Jas now completely P#*@ed of with me from removing her 'toy' we again settled down to sleep, but alas this was not to be, and before to long it was now 1.30am and I was wide awake......


15 May, 2005

william zachery

born yesterday 6.30pm ish and weighing in around 9 pounds something. William Zachery has a touch of blonde hair and is very pink.

William Zachery
Max is a big brother and very proud. He was very pleased with the new addition to his family and supplied the new baby with plenty of kisses and cuddles. Although, he was a bit mystified as to why Will couldn't hold the toy sheep he had brought him as a present.

very red
Congratulations little brother, SIL and Max.


14 May, 2005

famous by association

the National Library of Australia has requested to archive loobylu.com in their databases because it is an "electronic publication... of lasting cultural value". As a contributor to the Month of Softies on a couple of occassions (December 2004 & January 2005) I will become famous by association. Pathetic, I know.

May flowers project
I have commenced my contribution for this month (themed May Flowers), it was a great excuse to do something from this great knitting mag I bought a couple of months back.


13 May, 2005

blue star

The last of the parcels have arrived and the feedback is in. We have finally qualified for a blue star on eBay. Having reached this monumentous occassion I will now try to break a habit that has been cultivated since 10 September 1999.

Habits can be hard to break but with the assistance provided by my place of employment (I discovered today that access to eBay has been denied to all employees) and the need to study for an upcoming exam, not to mention a shrinking bank balance, I might find success in saying goodbye to eBay. At least for now.

gone to the dogs.....

Ok, ok, now this is just WAYYYYY to cool.

If you were born a dog, what kind of dog would you be?

Open this link and let it open completly.
On the left side of the screen, click on the word "GAME".
You have to answer 10 questions and then the site will tell you what breed you could have been.
You will also be shown a photo of the breed.

Didn't I tell you its cool, and you will have to reply and tell me WHAT breed you are!!!!!

11 May, 2005

Want something FUNNY?????

This is just what I needed to day, thanks B from south of the border......

And thanx also to Phil (again south of the border...) for this one....
BUT, be warned, play one at a time.....

10 May, 2005

at work

my team is all in and it has been a busy morning catching up on projects.

My car is booked in for a visit with Holden tomorrow because it is leaking power steering fluid and is making a terrible grinding sound. With only 11 000km's on the clock this is not good.

My phone keeps ringing with all sorts of things that could have been sorted last week when I was at home looking after the invalid. This is a bit annoying.

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