30 April, 2008

WW # 24: - A "Silver Princess"!

Eucalyptus caesia "Silver Princess"
Eucalyptus caesia "Silver Princess"

Eucalyptus caesia "Silver Princess"

Eucalyptus caesia "Silver Princess"

This is a flowering gum (Eucalyptus caesia "Silver Princess") that is in our front yard. It is 'supposed' to flower in spring, but we are in the middle of autumn here, so I think it is a bit confused!

29 April, 2008

Our 'New' bathroom...

Well, after such a long time, we now have two fully functional bathrooms... Remember this?

Bathroom Reno: - before
Well, we now have this:

Finished Bathroom 18-04-2008

All we did, was having the tiles 'Repaired & Painted' thanks to Bathroomwerx, they also re-enameled the bath, and a new screen for the shower that replaced the curtain. We also added in a new end glass screen as well, as the old brown one looked... well... UGLY! Both of these came from the RenovationBoys.

We were also the lucky recipients of a Council Clean Up (Kerbside Garage Sale; take it if you want it before it gets collected as rubbish) Vanity. After replacing the bowl and giving it a paint, it also came up a treat!

15 April, 2008

Pumpkin Barrow

Pumpkin Barrow

WW #23: - A Country Road Trip

Sorry, but this will need a few words...

Last Sunday, we took a break from bathroom renovations to go for a 'road trip' down to the New South Wales, Southern Highlands town of Berrima.

Berrima Country Church

Berrima Autumnal Colour

Vintage Cars

Farm Gate


11 April, 2008

Whats happening??

So what's happening in your 'neck of the woods'??
Here, we have been busy doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The laundry, as you may recall, has been updated into a second bathroom. This is now finished and we have done the bathroom. It is waiting now for the over bath shower screen to be installed and over this coming weekend, I will hopefully have the new door hung.
Last night saw us go shopping straight after a seminar we both went to about water. The shopping centre that we went to, Macquarie Shopping Centre, was chosen for its location to the seminar, and had a great little Tea shop called T2. L had been there last week with the MIL and was still raving about its atmosphere and little goodies on offer. But when we got there, the goodies on offer looked a little boring so we decided not to have anything.
We then went to Myer to have a look at a new pair of PJ's for me. But at the price on offer, I thought it was a bit expensive! So finally, we went to BigW to get a new, slow closing toilet seat for the newly renovated bathroom.
The bad side to all of this was, that we now had to get into the peak hour traffic to get home! We spent longer in this traffic than the time we spent in the shopping centre just to get home!!!
So now, when we got home, I quickly installed the new toilet seat, L had a nice hot shower, and I cooked dinner (Pork steaks with mashed potatoes and veges) and relaxed to a nice night at home in front of the tele...
So, what are you up to?? Any plans for the weekend??

09 April, 2008

Our cat: - Jasmine

OK, I know it has been a while since posting, but here is our little 'angel' (NOT) sitting in the Mondo Grass, in our back yard.


05 April, 2008

Bathroom Renovation begins...

OK, so after doing the laundry, and converting into a second bathroom, it is now time to start doing the bathroom. So, here are some shots of the bathroom before we started. Things to note are the unmovable staining along the bottom of the tiles (no matter how much bleach/cleaner we have put on, it has not changed in the nearly three years we have lived here), the dangerous soap holder and the simply UGLY excuse for a vanity.
Bathroom Reno: - before
Bathroom Reno: - before
Dangerous soap holder
Dangerous soap holder
Bath before being sprayed
Bath before being sprayed
We did, however, have the "Chief" Inspector observing it being dismantled, and making sure that anything that can be recycled is separated. After all, we are putting in a vanity that the FIL found out a Council Clean up, oh I mean, Roadside Garage Freebie/sale!
"Chief" Inspector
It is now repaired and painted, the cracking walls have been repaired and painted and I am currently waiting for some filler to go off, so as I can rub it back and paint the ceiling before installing a new Energy Efficient light.

02 April, 2008

WW # 22: - A Mantis in the Dining room!

I needed to be quick to get this, thus the focal point is not quite right :(