28 January, 2009

Get Well Soon nieghbour...

Recently, a neighbour of ours was diagnosed with cancer, Breast Cancer. This was just before Christmas (great timing hey...) and in the interim, she had been assessing various treatment options mainly for reconstructive surgery. She had three options available, and chose a suitable option for her, and her family.
Today, was a day of reflection and prayers as she went into surgery to have her breast, her femininity, removed. Under the surgery, she will also be having a prosthetic inserted and over the coming months, will be filled (and stretched) with saline, via a valve. I sent an SMS to her husband around 4pm, thinking it should be all over, but she was still in surgery after going in at 8.30am!
Fortunately, for her, she will not require any radiotherapy or chemotherapy, so she will maintain her head of hair...
L&D, wishing you a speedy recovery and that you are in our thoughts and prayers...

24 January, 2009

Throw Out Time: - Let the 'fun' begin...

Today, and yesterday for L, is being set aside to 'clean out' the in-laws... Only trouble is, that yesterday it was in the very high 30's (38 from memory) and today, it is like already 40C!
But, there has already been a lot done, you can now see at least three of the four walls in the first bedroom! More will come, paintings have been taken to the last sister down, we took BOTH cars full of box's home, and there is still a LOT more to go!
So, I can't stay on here to long, I might get into trouble, as I am listing a lot of things on eBay for the FIL in his new account. Set him up on the net through this last week, and within a day or two, he has an eBay account, where he has also made his first purchase and is already searching for books He had better NOT collect to much after we de-clutter the house!!!
Cheers for now, its hot and I will be going for a quick swim to cool down and start listing on eBay.

18 January, 2009

Clipped wings and flights of fancy... (and some other stuff as well...)

Being summer and all, we have been somewhat busy, so sorry for the sporadic posts...
Last week, we finally had our ISP changed over from Virgin Broadband... Now, whilst this is an incredible service, when it is running, it was more often than not, slower than dial up! We tried installing an external antenna (which gave us some respite and additional speed), but then it started to slow down again! It even got to the point where, if on the net and a phone call came in, the modem would go 'on-hold' whilst the phone was in use, and sometimes the phone would even drop out!
Anyway, I digress, we now have a super fast Internet connection and a return to a 'landline'! Happy as a 'pig-in-mud'!
We have also been busy in and around the house as well. I have been asked (and repeatedly asked...) to hang some hooks in the recently renovated bathroom. It is not that I was trying to get out of it, but there were two bits of timber that we had to choose from! I wanted a slightly fancy version, whilst L was looking at a plain piece. The piece that had a bit of trimming about it, was from an old dressing table that the FIL had and I thought that, with a bit of trimming here and there, it could be used. It was!

Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom Hook

And then today, we were pottering around the house not doing much, went off to get L's car detailed as she gets a new one tomorrow, and she also got a pedi and a manicure! I hung the hooks as mentioned, and then we went into the 2nd bedroom and started hanging some of the pictures. I had to find the staple gun mind you, so we got started. All 'pictures' were hung and it was only left to the plaster wall vent L purchased for an 'art work'! It was a scene of some branches and a couple of birds sitting upon them. After putting some hooks in and then gluing them... they did not want hold tight, so I got another style and glued it on. All hung and it was looking good. Until... the hook came off and the plaster vent shattered! It was agreed that in, the unlikely event of it falling, there would be NO tears, right! So out came the vacuum (again) and mess all cleaned up until a replacement vintage bird was hung... Alas, a broken flight (down to the floor) ended in it being in more than one piece! Luckily enough though, there was a smaller one to be found...

Crafty Wall Hangings


06 January, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new...

Three and a half years ago, we purchased our FIRST laptop. It was a Samsung X20. We took it everywhere with us, New Zealand twice, Bali as well as to Brisbane, Melbourne etc... It was a sturdy little thing, but alas, it had been slowly failing... There was the odd 'crunch' under a couple of keys, a couple of start-up failures and program 'hiccups' but enough was enough when, looking at websites, the up and down arrows did not want to work, the mouse pad was becoming eratic and it was generally becoming slow!

So, on Sunday (before going to see Benjamin Button) we went and looked at a couple more laptops. Guess what, we found one that was fairly well spec'd up, in our price range AND looked pretty flash (L really liked it...)! But, you will have to wait until tomorrow (Wordless Wednesday & Thematic Photographic) to have a look!

With this, and a 'gift' from our phone prividor, we will have a very wireless home! I will be able to shift music from PC to xBox 360 and vic-versa, I already surf the net wirelessly and we are also able to get on the net, go to the TV guide and tell our TiVo to record a show if we are out!!! I do love technology!!!


05 January, 2009

Syzygium moorei