31 May, 2004

It is now 11.54pm, Sunday 30 May.

We have not long returned back to the hotel. It has been a jam packed weekend. We had a great night at Anjli and Rohan's. It was a really relaxed evening, Anjli cooked us fantastic Indian, Ruth frayed Anjli's jeans for her and through good conversation we viewed A and R's wedding photos. It is a year since they got married. Time really has rushed by. Although jet lag seemed to have overlooked us, we left at 10pm, a good night's sleep was in order for an early start at the Portobello Markets.

Saturday we did the Portobello Markets - they were a little overwhelming from both their size and the amount of people they attracted. We got their early but were over them by 1'ish and only about 3/4 through. We also visited Brixton, R's old neighbourhood, went into central London on a red bus,and had a look at some of the shops on Regent St, including Past Times. We discovered the Marks and Spencers just around the corner and down the road which might be the place to get dinner one night. The range of pre-packaged meals was unbelievable, does anyone here cook a meal from scratch?

Jet lag kicked in early afternoon for me and I had completely lost it by 6'ish. I had a sleep before dinner but was a walking zombie. I think the lady at the Carribean restaurant (Mr Jerk - that was what it was called, really) we went to for dinner may have felt a bit sorry for me as she brought me over an extra drink of their Pinapple Punch which was like a pineapple smoothie. We were home by 9pm and I slept right through till 8am the next day.

Sunday we did the full on tourist thing visiting Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Fortnum and Mason, Tea Museum, The Globe, Coventry and just a few bridges -Millenium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge. The highlight of the day though I think was the ride on the London Eye (see it here) which, was truly amazing and well worthwhile.

Anyway time to sleep, we are off to Bristol tommorrow.

29 May, 2004

Hi all, We had a great visit with Enfield Council today. We met with Sule and Tom and it was kind of weird to find out how similar our councils are. Enfield has delivered some great LA21 programs, I particularly liked the black and ethnic groups art group who made baskets from telephone cabling, and the blow up earth ball in the park which people could write messages which are then used in planning for their city.

We had lunch with Sule and Tom at a local pub, which we got to by walking along a canal which is apparently the drinking water. On our way to the pub we also spotted a squirrel rustling around in the grass. Check out the photos. I am going to get some peanuts so that I am prepared to lure one my way next time I see one.

We also now have our mobiles working, thanx to the optus man who went to great lengths in helping to identify us.

Well gotta go, we are about to walk over to Anjli's for dinner.

It is Friday, 5.35pm London Time.

28 May, 2004

We're here! We arrived in London just after 12noon. Have checked in to the hotel, had a bite to eat, a shower and spent the rest of the time reorganising the luggage, and sorting the gifts and information we are giving to the Councils we will be visiting with.

R and I are both exhausted having only had a couple of short and disturbed sleeps whilst on the 23 hour plane trip, so I will end now. I am struggling to make much sense to myself and we need to determine how we will be getting to Enfield Council who we will be visiting with tomorrow.

At least you know we got here ok. Our mobiles are not working though, hopefully this will be sorted shortly.

26 May, 2004

Hello from Narita!!!
Well after a fairly uneventful flight, I arrived in Narita last night at around 6pm local time (7pm Syd time).
As we were approaching Guam, we had to fasten seat belts for a bit of turbulence, but that was all there was. As we approached Narita, I could not get over the amount of Rice Paddy Fields there were, it seemed to go on for miles!! Everything is so green over here!!
I had a hamburger for dinner, and it cost 2200 yen (approx 32AUD! Ouch!!
Well I am sitting here now on a free service that the Narita airport have set up. I am overlooking the transport that takes passengers from the satellite terminal from the main terminal. I will put some pics in over the next couple of days. It is weird, as these are controlled without a driver!! At the centre, there is a crossover in the middle, and the trains are propelled via magnetism or something!!!
My flight is leaving soon, so I will leave it there for now. Next stop, London!!

24 May, 2004

Well, its now less than 24 hours (for me) and I am now really getting into the groove of it all!!
We have had a very stressed weekend, and after a phone call this morning to …. L is now a lot less STRESSED!!! (Thank goodness).
I now cant wait to get on the plane, then I know it will all be ok. And I am sure that when L gets on her plane the following day, she will be ok as well. I am glad that she has got R going with her, she will be just fine!!
Well, I had better go and do my final bits of packing, and then off to A to see how the move has gone over the weekend. Next update, from me at least, will be from Narita Tokyo!!

23 May, 2004

Only a couple of days to go!!! We have had a very busy weekend.

I actually had a long weekend, having Friday as a flex day with mum. We went duty free shopping at The Rocks, although found nothing worthwhile buying. But we did find some good things, including a great button shop and a shop with clothes for me. We also managed a visit to the Mosman Art Gallery to view the Kerrie Lester exhibition 'A stitch in time'. She is my favourite artist right now!

Saturday I helped A move house, and today we got ready for the trip - lots of washing was done, which also included Macc. Thanx to L and C he is nicely spruced up for his sleepover(s) with Granny and Pop.

We also got visitors this evening from the littlest sister and her lovely boyfriend, and the sister next down. It was really nice to get together, and B cooked a fabulous dinner as usual.

Thank you, to all who have sent us 'bon-voyage' messages. It is going to be so good to just get on the plane and relax.

Hopefully, we can keep everyone up to date via this BLOG.

09 May, 2004

Burnt toast for dinner!!! B is now in the kitchen attempting to rectify the situation. I know, I know, you shouldn't walk away and forget that you have toast under the grill.... But the plants needed watering.

I hope the mum's had a great day today, especially my mum. My mum put on a lovely lunch for everyone - she is such a good cook. Nan made some great desserts, lemon delicious and a lemon cream sponge. Yummy. And Auntie C's chocolate fruit cake, was also very good. Why didn't I get the good cook genes?

Thanx dad for the Big Ears in the Noddy Plane. I needed a bit of a cheer up and that was a very nice surprise.

I hope my Pa gets rid of that cold soon. He didn't sound too good.

07 May, 2004

Hello World!!!
Lets see how my post works.
I'm back - after asking B how to jazz up my blog, we now have a webpage. I am not sure how I feel about this, it has all become a bit complicated. It is not too bad really given that it is his first attempt.

It is the littlest sister's Birthday today - Happy Birthday O. I think she is 27.

I have since finished the Noah's x-stitch and am back doing my quilt with help from Macc the greyhound and Jas kitty (not). When we work out how to add photo's you'll see what I mean - I am using the loungeroom floor as my workbench, and every time I turn around, one of them has set up camp and looks so comfortable I feel guilty moving them on.

Well it has been a rather tiring week so its off to bed with a DVD (thanks A, it will be 'Down with love').