30 June, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: - A Moonrise over football


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28 June, 2010

How was your weekend?

How was my weekend, a bit busy and a bit of a headache... Let me explain.

Saturday, saw me heading west out to the foot of the mountains to visit mum, and have lunch with her. It had been a little while since catching up with her, and it was great to see her again.

I then left her to go to Blacktown Olympic Park, which was the venue for the Baseball and Softball when Sydney hosted the Olympics. However, it is now more of a multi-purpose sporting facility, mainly AFL and Cricket being played on the main arena. It is also the (temporary) home for GWS AFL Club until they are included into the national competition in 2012, when they move to Homebush. I was here though, to see a mate have a run-on game, and I think he had a great game!


I had to leave though, about 1/3 through the last quarter so as I could meet up with my brother and a few friends for the Swans v Collingwood match. It was really touch and go as to making it on time, but I managed to get in with about 15 minutes to spare! However, the result was NOT a good one!

Sunday, I went to the bakery and grabbed some morning tea, before heading to see the B & SIL with M & W. They are doing some renovations there soon, and we chatted about these whilst having morning tea and coffee! I headed home with the best of intentions to do some gardening, however a rapidly hitting headache (which turned migraine) put that to a halt, and instead, I slept it off only waking to put Mr M out for a wee stop and to feed Miss J.

So, that was my weekend, I hope that yours was a good one!

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23 June, 2010

For a bit of a laugh...

I just KNOW this would NOT be the case with both Jasmine and Macc! Thanks MB for the link!

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22 June, 2010

A busy few days...

I know, I haven't posted for MORE than a few days, but in my defence, I have been busy! From general stuff back at work, to dinner with the girls who USED to work with me, delivering Passionfruits to blogging friends and visiting other friends and babies, then onto football (AFL) for my God-daughter and then getting my car cleaned and dropping off the SIL birthday present, and that was JUST the weekend!

Here are some photos from the dinner night out:

Mel & Clare
Stir Fried Prok Belly Geri choose

And from the AFL on Sunday morning:

AusKick 20 06 2010
Breanna Footy
Breanna Footy
AusKick 20 06 2010

When I got home yesterday, there was an Official Post Delivery Card in my door, saying that they had tried to deliver a parcel, but I was not at home... So, today after work, I went down to the local Post Office to collect my package:

My Parcel
My Parcel INNER
My Parcel in bedroom

Now, it's NOT where it was going to go (funny how when I was away, I had thought it was longer and was going to go somewhere else; but when it arrives, it just seems smaller...) so I decided to put it between the dressers and the bed. I think it looks fine here anyway!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I have an appointment in the afternoon that should be 'interesting', so lets hope it goes well.

Hoo roo for now...


15 June, 2010

Never again QANTAS, NEVER again...

Today, I got a nice package in the mail. Well sort of, as I had to go to the Post Office to collect it. AND, it could not have come at a better time either! I have made GOLD with my preferred carrier, Emirates!

Gold Package
Gold Card

Here's the reason WHY I will not fly QANTAS again!

I boarded my flight home in Hong Kong. Shortly after the meal service, when Coffee, Teas and Hot Chocolates were being offered, I requested a Hot Chocolate and a sugar. A summary of the dialogue is below:

  • ME: Can I please get an additional sugar please?
  • CM: It is really sweet
  • ME: Yes, but can I please have an additional sugar
  • CM: It is REALLY sweet...
  • ME: Yes, I realise this, but can I please have an additional sugar?
  • CM: (after much looking and snide remarks to another female crew member) Handed me a sugar and said with a fair amount of sarcasm, “Well, I suppose it’s to each their own...”

All of this was in front of my adjoining passengers, and both in front, behind and across the aisle. In fact, the gentleman in the seat across the aisle asked if I was OK and shook his head!

  • ME: Yes it is to each their own, and I would like additional sugar, thank you, and can I also have a Cabin Manager please?

After some time, the CSS for the Economy section came to me (with the CM) and discussed it and the CM at this stage was asked by the CSS to leave as he was insisting to ‘butt in’. She apologised for the altercation, and in fact mentioned that it is quite ‘out of character’ for him. Shortly after, the overall Cabin Manager, 'D' came and spoke to me regarding this situation, and to see if there is anything else I would like, another Hot Chocolate, Coffee/tea etc...

At this point in time, I felt totally humiliated, and embarrassed and all I wanted to do was sleep... SO, QANTAS, I will be offloading my 160 odd thousand points as soon as I can, changing my Platinum CC to the one Emirates want me to have. At least their Cabin Crew are polite and fulfill all requests when made with a smile!

Hoo roo for now...


14 June, 2010

Last day in Honkers...

My last day in Honkers was a bit foggy... Literally! On the night before, there was a couple of lightening bolts, cracks of thunder and a bit of a downpour! So when I woke, and saw that there was fog over the peak near the hotel, I thought my day was going to be 'touch 'n' go'! But, I checked out, and got the taxi to the Hong Kong Central railway station, and to my surprise, I checked my bag there and then! ONLY, 12 hours EARLY!!!

I then got onto the train that takes me out to the airport, where I had to get a cab to the cable car that takes you to the peak. And the fog (and rain) was closing in! But I joined the line, got a 'Crystal Cabin' which had a glass bottomed floor, and I was on my way. I my cabin, there was a couple of Chinese men, (one fell asleep), 3 youngish (18/20 maybe) Chinese girls and a friend of theirs an Irish boy (also 20ish) and myself! In some ways, I followed their lead with regards to photos (feet through floor) but when I got my BIG lens out, I think I put them into quietness as they went very quiet! Anyway, here are some pics of the trip up...

Cable Car Going Up Clear right
Tower Three
Crystal Cabin Glass Floor

Once we got to about halfway, we were in fog clouds that blew through, and by the time we got to the very top, it was even thicker!

Misty Cable Car
Off into the mist

Ngong Ping is Hong Kong's first ZERO plastic Shopping Bag Village, and I think they are very proud of this fact.

Ngong Ping Village ZERO Plastic Bag
Ngong Ping Village ONLY Plastic Bags
Ngong Ping Village02
Ngong Ping Village03
Ngong Ping Village05

I started to walk to the Buddha, but the further I walked to it, the thicker the fog got, so I looked at my phone (AKA watch) and decided, nup, I can not wait and I headed for lunch and then the trip down... Oh well, next time, I will get to see the Buddha, but for now, here is what I found...

Giant Buddha, Ngong Ping 360

The flight home, well, that's for another post I think, once my complaint has been addressed!

Hoo roo for now...


13 June, 2010

Happy Valley & Sha Tin Racecourses...

Today, I had the chance to visit both Happy Valley & Sha Tin Racecourses (Hong Kong Jockey Club HKJC). Both were great venues to visit, and both have there fare share of turf management difficulties! For Happy Valley, it is built in the centre of skyscrapers flats, reduced airflow over the turf means more diseases, and in the centre is something like 12 or so soccer pitches. Whilst Sha Tin is simply overworked due to barrier trials as well as race day fixtures! Here are a couple of photos from Happy Valley:

HV Repairing Divits
HV Divit Repair Finish Line
HV Tote Board and Skyline

Whilst I was at Sha Tin, I met an old friend from Uni, Pako. He is the Track Manager for the HKJC, and effectively oversees the operations. I was issued a pass that allowed me to go anywhere he does, and we saw it all from the 'weigh-in/out room' to being right at the start of a 1400m race! It was a great opportunity to get this close to an event. Here are some pics from the day:

ST Access ALL Areas
ST Finish Line
ST Horse Cooldown Zone
ST Weigh-in Room
ST Finish Grandstand
ST Handelers and Starter
ST Almost Ready
ST And they're off
ST Me and PAKO on the Track

When I finally got back to the hotel, I quickly had (another) shower and hit the streets to find some stuff, have dinner and check it all out. I did NOT find any stuff, I had a VERY cheap dinner, and I checked out only some of the nightlife. Guess I will have to come back for another visit!

Hoo roo for now...


11 June, 2010

Welcome to Hong Kong

Ok, that was a LONG flight from Helsinki, but I am here... I say long, as it was 9.5hrs, but I also got a little bit of sleep! Clearing immigration was such a breeze as well, now to get into central Hong Kong... After all is said and done, it was SO easy!

I got to the hotel, the hardest part was getting out of the Central Station due to traffic, but upon arrival, I checked-in and found myself on the 10th floor. The room, whilst comfortable enough, is all marble and glass. Even the wall of the bathroom is glass AND even from the shower into the bedroom is glass, so no modesty here!!

HK Room... Massive Bed
Glass Bathroom

I had a shower, and hit the streets... I was on a task to get a 'Danbo'... I searched high and low last night without success... I am hoping that tonight, when I search low and then high, I might find one!

happy with you

I also made the mistake of walking into a camera shop... $1,700HKD later, I have a new lens!

Hong Kong Sreet
Test New Lens
Test New Lens

Tomorrow, I am heading off to the Happy Valley Race Course, before heading across to meet with Pako (I went to Uni with him) at the Hong Kong Jockey Club's, Sha Tin Race Course!

Hoo roo for now...