31 January, 2008

30 days : day 4... Laundry renovation cont...

Continuing on this theme of '30 days' (oh and yes, we did not do one yesterday as we were too busy with this work) I will continue with posting photos of the Laundry Renovation. Yesterday, I had the plumber here. He arrived nice and early, 7:15am, and got his tools ready. A petrol operated concrete cutter was the tool of choice for the morning!. For those who don't know what this sounds like, think of a chainsaw in a confined room! The living room was full of exhaust fumes which dissipated some 30 minutes later.

Now yesterday was a nice day, only 35 degrees C with very high levels of humidity. So, my task(s) for the day were to have a supply of cold water at the ready for him, and his son (with his friend as well). The 'boys' were given the task of digging the trench for the pipe to connect to the sewer, fun fun fun!!!


29 January, 2008

30 days : day 3... Bali Bowl (WW No. 19)

Bali Bowl
We loved this bowl from the Bali Jimbaran. A simple seed husk from a Palm with Silver ends. Mind you, on the weekend, we had to make the base!

28 January, 2008

30 days: day 2

a day in the life of Jasmine

Somebody has to be 'busy' I suppose...

27 January, 2008

30 days: day 1

Laundry Reno cupboards removal

Laundry Reno in progress

Laundry Reno tiles gone

Laundry Reno walls removed

22 January, 2008

save the whales

Mystery package (souvenir) revealled....... (Backlog & Mystery Post)

Save the Whales
The scandalous whaling program Japan is conducting in the Southern Ocean is getting quite a bit of well deserved attention in the media. I am going to take a personal stand, there will be no more Japanese fabrics purchased by me until they STOP!

Our Whale is a weather vane purchased on our last trip to New Zealand, not the easiest thing to transport I can tell you. It took a bit of creative packaging that included a singlet of dad's (true), a pair of B's jeans that ripped whilst travelling, micropore (I always carry this, something about being accident prone, and an allergy to bandaids), recycled bubblewrap care of a photographic store in Nelson, and cardboard, again recycled care of a store in Nelson, and packing tape.

20 January, 2008


blogging, craft, housework its all backing up, and will continue to be ignored as we have started on a new project; the renovation of the laundry. More on the laundry another time. In an attempt to clear the backlog the following randomness is presented.

I finally have my own copy of 'Bend the Rules Sewing' a Christmas present ordered through fishpnd.com.au, thanx B's mum.
bend the rules
We're a bit partial to orange here so of course I couldn't resist 'Tangerine' when I saw it in the February issue of BH&G, I would have also liked 'Crabapple' but they had run out of some of the fabrics. I have my name down, and of course my fingers crossed, for if they can source some more.

More fabric lovin, I have made a little progress on my planned picnic rug. I have cut through a number of pairs of jeans (recycled denim being a key feature of this rug /quilt), and chosen the fabric, clashy pinks and reds.

picnic quilt fabrics
I am doing good on the handmade pledge, this little guy was purchased from the Hazelhurst Gallery after reading this blog. He was being unpacked and placed in the display cabinet on a recent visit, and has been delivered to his new home, that of one year old Brody.

The awnings over the kitchen and third bedroom windows are up.

And the mystery souvenier from New Zealand, read November 2007, has finally been unwrapped and installed, however, as a photo is yet to be taken, I will keep the suspense going, but only for a day or week or two.

I am thinking of joining these guys here, here, here, here, and here. I don't know where the '30 days' originated but I am liking it.

09 January, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 18: - Jimbaran Bay Beach Soccer

Jimbaran Bay Beach Soccer

Photo courtesy Erika Engelhaupt, from EstBali who had borrowed my lens for this shot!

I know that this 'should' be wordless, but I feel I need to explain this shot...

Each morning out on the beach, the locals go out and have a game of soccer. The game starts around 5am, and is fascinating to watch. Look out for the next Beckham here!!

08 January, 2008

Where did the weekend go??

We had so much planned for the weekend:
  • Gut out the Laundry, to make way for the renovations (2nd Toilet & Shower, re-tile and new cupboards)
  • Lawns & Gardening, which have been slightly neglected since going to New Zealand!
  • Computer issues, as we needed to install a Wireless Network Card so is it can pick up the new modem/router... (I actually got this done!!)
  • Go and visit a Gallery over at Gymea (did this as well, and L will have to blog about her purchase... It is lovely, and in keeping of her 2008 goals)!
Then we had a phone call from the MIL. She was in tears as the FIL was in Hospital. His heart was the issue, again! So, with a friend in tow, we headed from one side of Sydney to the other to get to the hospital. He was on a machine with leads from his chest and apparently, his BP had dropped dramatically and his heart rate went through the roof (190)! Whilst we were there, he seemed to be in good spirits, although I think he looked tired. We left (me in the FIL's car as it was at the hospital and L in our car) to drop the MIL at home. By the time we got home, and made dinner (Spaghetti Bolognaise) it was now 9.30pm!
Sunday was not much better. in saying that we would get over to pick up the MIL at 9am, well were had just woken up, so we were running a little late!!! FIL was insistent that she go to the Antique Markets, a regular event for them, before going into visit him. When we got to the hospital, he was looking much better, his heart had a better rhythm and everything was looking OK. After a couple of hours, we left to go for a Iced Chocolate at Indulgence, when we got the call to come back to the hospital, this time, to collect him as he was being discharged! Home again around 6pm. No gardening done, the laundry was still the same, and after a couple of hours, I finally got the desktop PC to talk to the new modem/router. PHEW!

02 January, 2008

eight things for 2008

Wordless Wednesday, is next post down...

  1. Make a Picnic Rug, the store bought one we used for NYE, is ugly and uncomfortable.
  2. Laundry Conversion to be complete by the end of February.
  3. Bathroom Makeover to be completed by the end of June.
  4. I pledge Handmade.
  5. I plan to 'Pay it Forward'.
  6. Phone a friend a month, some of my friends have been so neglected, we didn’t even get out Christmas cards in 2007, this will not happen in 2008. Those of you who have stayed with us, I thank you.
  7. Cook more dinners, I hate to admit it, but B carries more than his weight in this area. And it makes me feel real bad.
  8. Work smarter, I gotta get this sorted for a more sane 2008.

Continue with 2007 resolutions to Stress Less, Blog more regularly, Read more fiction, go to the movies more often (the target being at least 1 movie per quarter), and oh, the baby thing.

Wordless Wednesday # 17 Images from Bali

WW 16 Images from Bali

1. Monkey Forest Lady, 2. Roadside Fruit Stall, 3. Monkey Rude, 4. Nusa Dua Market Stalls