21 November, 2008


These last few months have been somewhat, "crafty research" shall we say, and what's more, I am off to Canberra tomorrow bright and early in the aide of more ... research!
You see, it is the Canberra's Handmade Market, so we are making the 300klm trip to go and see if it is any good. I sure hope so!
Below is a little bit of what I have bought, what I have read or reading and what I have to make.
Of the books, the "Little Cat and the Big Red Bus" has some great illustrations, and both of the "Softies" books offer some real inspiration.
With a quilt to make and two dolls to do as well, I suspect that I am going to be more than a little busy, lets hope that I do not find to much tomorrow!

1. Needs a name, 2. Softie School Photo, 3. Grok, 4. Neville, 5. Little Stiches, 6. Books, 7. Stiched Book double spread, 8. Little cat & the big red bus, 9. Cat, 10. Cat on bus, 11. Red Bus Home, 12. Cat & Dog, 13. Doll kits, 14. 3 eyed fish, 15. Red Bus, 16. Quilt.

19 November, 2008

Oh what a ... day!

On Monday, we had an interesting morning...

We had to get to the clinic early on Monday for another transfer. This was to be our4th transfer since collecting the follicles a short time ago... So we left early as we had to drive in the morning peak. Trouble was, somebody forgot to tell the rest of the city, that they should also be driving and we got to our destination an HOUR early!

So, nearby, there is a hotel with a coffee shop attached so we parked the car and went there. I was no sooner inside, and thought I recognised some girls sitting there having their breakfast. And it wasn't long before I realised who they were... They were the girls from 'Make me a Supermodel' and here they were, stuffing their faces, being demanding for coffee in a take away cup and generally being a right royal "prima-donnas"!

Then it was time to go to the clinic for the transfer, which went as expected and I will not bore you with the details, and we headed home for a rest. There were a few 'sharp pains' in the lower abdo, and all, but all was going well. We then had to drive into the City, as L had to have an appoint to go to followed by a follow-up/debrief from the Pilot Program that the IVF Clinic had done. This was a weight loss program, that re-educated you on how your body works with food. Eating every three hours, a strict calorie total for the day and a 45 min walk at least 3 times a week. The program leader was sending tips on things to do as well through the 6 week program. All up, L had lost nearly 7kg, drop three sizes in her jeans and is enjoying her walks! All we have to do is get a positive that sticks!

That's all for now, but will keep you updated as we go... We are going to the Canberra Craft Markets this weekend, so lots of crafty goodness will be there!

14 November, 2008

Colourful time here in Sydney...

I simply love this time of year...

The days are getting longer, and warmer with a top of 35 C expected here today... There is also the colours of spring/summer happening everywhere. From some spots in Sydney, you look over the city and you can see the purples of the Jacaranda's, reds of the Brachychitons and the yellows of the Grevillias.

This morning, on my way into work, there must have been some back burning of the National Parks as there was a very distinct smell around and a smokey haze as well. Of, the summer is not far away now... Apparently, we have a very high to extreme fire risk with a lot of the National Parks have a large amount of leaf litter within the understorey of the bushland. Lets hope that it does not get away like it did back in 2003.

So here are a few of those lovely trees I mentioned. The Jacaranda mimosafolia:


And the Brachyciton acerifolia:


The garden is beginning look quite good at the moment, and the vege patch is especially so. I planted a few tomatoes and they are nearly 6 foot tall already! The Truss variety is doing the best, and has a few branch's of tomatoes on them already, so hopefully we will be having home grown tommies!

05 November, 2008

Farewell Pa; Gone but not forgotten

Pa's Memorial Booklet cover

Yesterday, we had Pa's funeral, and above is a photo of him from (I think) not to long ago... This photo just happened to be facing Nan, and some of his favourite things, were all placed on his coffin in the church (his hat, rosary beads, a diary (he had a diary in his pocket at ALL times!) and of course, some scratchies... no winners here either! The following poem was read out:

The Smile:

By Michael Leunig

I shot a smile into the air
It came to earth, I know not where
Perhaps on someone else's face
In some forgotten quiet place.

Perhaps somewhere a sleeping child
Has had a happy dream and smiled
Or some old soul about to die
Who smiled and made a little sigh.

Has sighed a simple final prayer
Which lifts up gently in the air
And flows into the world so wild
Perhaps to wake the sleeping child.

A much younger Pa

01 November, 2008

Vale Pa, 94 years young...

Over the last year, we have been lucky enough to have Pa for that time. You see, whilst at 93, he was becoming more and more frail as time went on, he insisted demanded that he stay at home! Now this may sound, well normal, but Nan & Pa live in a two storey townhouse. Stairs (both up and down) were becoming harder and harder to do. He spent some time in hospital over the year and we were fortunate enough to have him for Mothers Day, which was our last family photo. We also were luck to have him for Fathers Day in September.
But since then, he was becoming less mobile and came down with a chest infection and went to Hospital again. Finally, both he and Nan were convinced that some time in respite care would be needed and would offer a chance to re-charge batteries. Nan moved into the hospital whilst Pa's condition became better and was transferred to a different hospital, closer to where Nan is.
It was here though, he became very ill, and was transferred to palliative care last Thursday. We got to see him there and a decision was made that he be made comfortable. The doctor told us that he will become comfortable very quickly and pain free.
1.45am, 31 October, Pa left us. It was International Teachers Day (he was a teacher for his entire working life) so it seemed somewhat fitting...
This photo, was from his 90th Birthday party a couple of years ago.
Rest in peace Pa...