20 February, 2013

Wordless Wednesday No. 73 - Blast from the past

Family 2008
Family Photo 2008

Ok, just to explain, a little, about this pic... I came across (again) this pic recently when clearing some files on a HDD. An important thing about this one in particular, is it is, possibly, the last 'family' photo taken, as not too long after it was taken, Pa fell ill, and later passed, and then 12 months later, L also suddenly passed as well...

So, it is important to have one in every family; that 'annoying uncle' that likes to take a family photo, right?

Hoo roo for now...


19 February, 2013

Feeling a little 'overwhelmed'...

Beach Soccer (Jimbaran)
Beach Soccer (Jimbaran) - 2007

Have not 'really' been in the 'mood' for posting this last couple of weeks, as there is a lot going on; work, will I have a job and so on... It seems as though for one reason or another, deleting positions is an easy thing to do. So I have been researching all available options to me, having LOTS of meetings with other staff, and searching out opportunities. At the end of the day, I DO think I will be ok, what ever way it pans out...

Having said that, I also feel like picking up my ball, and going home, which is why I have picked the photo above of the beach soccer game, on Jimbaran Beach Bali.

In other news, a short trip to both Melbourne and Hong Kong is on the horizon, which will be a good distraction at the same time! I will get to catch up with friends and colleagues in both cities! In particular, an old school friend of mine, who moved from Sydney to London and is now settled in Hong Kong, it has been YEARS since I have seen him! I will also be having a meeting in Hong Kong, and a site inspection of the Sha Tin Racecourse!

Otherwise, not much else has been happening, just plodding along...

Hoo roo for now...


05 February, 2013

Wordless Wednesday No. 72. - Straight Lines at Night

Art Gal by night

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The other night, I was out with a mate and wanted to try something a little new, and different. We had supplies, we had a location and we had the time... But, alas, we did not have the skill, so it was a dismal failure (on this occasion...). However, I will try again soon enough, with the correct stuff!

Plans for a new car are also on hold, for now, so it will mean that the good ole Suzuki will keep on keeping on (as it always has). It just means that passengers in the back seat will have to make do with Bronty's nose art on the windows and a little dog hair on the seat! Oh well... Luckily, for her, she is still cute and adorable!

Plans are also well underway for an upcoming trip to Hong Kong, where I will make a visit to the Races to inspect it turf track. I know the Course Manager there, and this will be a great opportunity to catch up and have a chat about the turf research programs going on in Asia.

Hoo roo for now...