30 October, 2007

wordless wednesday #13 Kirribilli Markets

Kirribilli Markets Nth Sydney

Kirribilli Markets Nth Sydney

Kirribilli Markets Nth Sydney

26 October, 2007

Big Bird comes to Sydney...

Well, with all the hype she finally arrived, it was a pity that it was only two years late! Not to mention, the lovely weather Sydney put on, not only for its arrival yesterday afternoon, but for its departure back to Singapore this evening.


Today was to be a day that L and the MIL were going to Art Sydney. I had been give two tickets to go from the Paddington Contemporary as I had recently purchased a book and a doll (Lulu, L's alter ego) that Rebecca Cool had made and her artwork was throughout the book Woman Hood. But, as I had managed to swing around a busy week into a flex day today, I was going to go out to Sydney Airport to have a look at the beast, but instead decided to 'tag' along with only one request, that we drive past to have a look.


So, as we headed off along the Motorway that goes along the perimeter of the airport, under the smaller of the three runways, I was expecting a lot of traffic. We had heard that there was already a lot of traffic there, but I was surprised to see not much at all. At least, nothing like when APEC was on when you were not aloud ANYWHERE near the fence. People were parked along the fence line just near the runway's 'blast fence' near where she was parked, so we decided to swap spots (I was driving) and if need be, we can get back into the car in a hurry and drive away as there was both security AND Federal Police in the area moving people on.


So, I took a couple of shots, changed to my long lens, and sure enough, we saw a Federal Police car coming with his red and blue lights flashing. Now I was atop a very small roadside barrier fence (about a metre high) and as L quickly jumped in the car, I got my last shot (above) and got into the car and we headed off. The last time a cousin of the bird was in town, I copped a fine for an 'Obstructed' Number plate (there is bound to be a post about this in the coming weeks/months, as I am contesting the infringement!) and was not about to get another one!

L will make a following blog regarding the day of Art Sydney!

24 October, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 12 Avalon UPDATE!

Remember this...

Avalon Quilt Kit

Avalon waiting quilt underway

Avalon waiting quilt

21 October, 2007


Well, L, you've done it again, but with nothing but the best intentions...
Today, L's dad was coming over to assist us with putting on the door handles and locks onto our freshly installed screen doors, mind you, we still have to install the fly screen!
Anyway, back on topic, L spent the morning whilst I was watering the garden, making and baking some little 'Baby Cupcakes'. Cupcakes are the next sister's down 'cup of tea' really, but L said, "what can go wrong?

Empty Cups

So the 'cups' were separated and sorted in preparedness for the cake mix...

Cake mix

Ready to bake

So, things were going along swimmingly, and they were looking good. The instructions (destruction's) said that the oven had to go on 180 for 10-15 mins... So after the said time, and after a look, it was now noted that the oven had been turned only to 120... Oops...

Biter's beware

Ok, so whilst they were iced and sort of looked ok, upon closer inspection, and trying to 'peel' off the paper cup, it became obvious that we were not going to be eating cupcake's, but more like Rock Cakes, Iced Cookies... So I will just mix them together, (sorry, no pun intended) and came up with Rock-kies!

18 October, 2007

meet me at mikes

Meet Me at Mikes goodness

oh the packaged goodness, or is it the goodness packaged. A bit of both really, last week I was in Melbourne but managed one hour to tram it to 'Meet me at Mikes' on Bridge Rd and back again to Flinders St where I was staying. I came across the Meet me at Mikes blog a little while ago and decided I needed to make it there if I could next time I was in town. Such a cute shop, plastered with Golden Book covers and filled with vintage stuff and crafty goodness. So good, I managed to get two pieces of Shannon Lamden (Aunty Cookie) Home Sweet Home in Black Fabric. I bought some of this fabric in Olive some time back from her etsy store and love it so much I have not brought myself to cut into it yet. So this was a very exciting find. So that was the goodness packaged.

The packaged goodness; the bag with a page from a Noddy book attached, the receipt for the envelope (how posh) made from the page of a vintage book, and the fabric wrapped in crunchy cellophane with a suprise tag again made from the page of a childrens book, being all too cute.

17 October, 2007



Wordless Wednesday # 11 Cockatoo!!

Cocky & Bread

Cocky on clothesline

10 October, 2007

Banksia Rose and photo editing...

In this shot, I have taken a picture of our Banksia Rose that is growing up and through or Bottle Brush.

Banksia Rose (Natural)

Here, I have edited it by just reducing the saturation of colour. I sort of like it, do you?

Banksia Rose tweaked

Wordless Wednesday # 10 Plates but no tea!

Tea Plates

Tea Plates

05 October, 2007

Tranquility of spring...

In Sydney, we are now in spring. I had to go down to the Farm Cove area at work, and the Main Pond seemed to be a sign of tranquility and peace on the day. So here are a few 'snaps' I took of my time down there...

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

Royal Botanic Gardens, Main Pond

04 October, 2007

Welcome to...FINN!!!

Well, yes I know it has been a week since our last post, but we have both been somewhat busy of late. BUT, we do have a new member to the family!

Name that fish
We are not sure of a name for him yet, L wants to call him 'Graceful' but I am not sold on this. We spent all of about 2 mins picking hm out of about a dozen or so fish... It was easy for me, he was one of three others that were blue, and a strong, vibrant blue at that.
So, please, may I hand it over to you, you and you, yes all three (maybe more) of you to suggest a name. We will take suggestions until Sunday night 9pm (of which Australian Idol should be finished) Australian Eastern Time. I will post the luck name, and winner of course, Monday morning Sydney time!

Thanks to all of the suggestions, but the winner is Bob-kat, amongst others...
I did like Shephard's suggestion of Azure as well!