06 July, 2005

my god it's wet in Japan!

Hi, and welcome to Japan,
I arrived after the night flyer of QF21 to Narita. I was really lucky in my seating, as I changed my pre-assigned seat, in an attempt to get an exit row. The seat I was assigned was 20C (aisle) but when I got onbord, there was almost no leg room as it was up against a wall!! The lovely check-in agent gave me 65K, which was not obly a window seat, but 2 window seat!!! There was a tonne of leg room, even though the child in front was for the most part of the first 3-4 hours, putting here seat up then down then up and then down. Thank goodness her mother finally got jack of it and told her to stop it or the plane will fall out of the sky!!
Looking out the window here in the internet cafe, all I can see is rain, rain and more bloody rain. The approach was almost not visible due to the low cloud (rain) and it was a bit bumpy.

Narita airport
We arrived a little late, even though we left Sydney early. I had a quick look around here for any goodies to bring home, but I will get them on the return I think.
Well best be off for now, and I will add in the pics when I use the laptop so stay tuned!!
Note, Japan time is 1 hour behind!

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