10 August, 2005

locked out

our house is (almost) secure. I know this because B lent his house keys to a friend yesterday, for the day, which ment that his house keys were not on the same key ring as his car keys. The outcome of this was that when he got home from work, realised he should have put petrol in the car and decided to go straight back out rather than leaving it to the morning, he grabbed his keys - the car keys.

I had been invited on the trip, and clad in pj's, socks and a jumper (I wasn't getting out of the car) I didn't have my handbag/keys. I did the responsible thing though of asking B if he had his keys when I was waiting for him on the front steps, and he said he did. However, just as he closed the door, he realised he had his car keys and no house keys! TOO LATE.

Out in the cold a phone call was made to the only person with a spare, but since that call went to voicemail we had to think of another way in...cutting a long story short, thank goodness for the poor maintenance undertaken by the previous owner and the use of silicon to hold in the window panes (in the only window without key locks), and thanks to dad for leaving the window repair tools with us. We managed to break in without too much effort, at the same time as cleaning up one of the three panes that need the silicon removed before the putty can be replaced.

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