30 April, 2006

old but new

mum and dad visited today bearing gifts, an enormous shabby chic rug and a linen cupboard. Treasures from their garage. The rug is gorgeous although a bit odouriferous at the present time, due to the napthalene that it has been preserved in . The rug has been in the garage for at least 15 years, apparently it was used on the floor of the marquee for my 21st birthday, so it has done well not to be eaten by the moths. Yay for napthalene.

The rug was intended for our bedroom but was too big at 10 foot x 13 foot. I can't say I am too disappointed though as it is a perfect fit in the lounge room, size and colour wise, and will bring some warmth this winter against the tiles.

new but old rug
And even though I love the look of the floorboards the search for a rug for the bedroom continues.

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