31 July, 2006

wedding guest dash

yesterday we celebrated friends Si and R's wedding, although we almost missed the ceremony. Somehow we had it in our minds that the ceremony commenced at 3pm, when it was actually 2pm. We discovered our misconception at 12.30pm just before tucking into lunch. We left our house at 1.44pm sure we would be dashing in late. Lucky for us, we discovered to our suprise that we are only 6 minutes from the Auburn Botanic Gardens and were lucky enough to get an immediate carpark, arriving just before the brides official arrival (apparently she was half an hour early and had done a few laps of the block prior).

It was a beautiful day, and a very moving ceremony, in lovely surrounds. The geese were well behaved, and no one disgraced themselves by falling in the reflection pond.

We managed a cup of tea back home in between the ceremony and reception, and more importantly wrapping of the present.

Lotsa luv and good luck you two..... may the dance continue for the rest of your lives.

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