27 May, 2007

love thy neighbour

it has been one of the best weekends so far:-
  • Quilting class yesterday, and progress made on a couple of my quilts (if we ignore the rye neck).

  • a wonderful afternoon tea with our friends A, D, 5 month old B, and nanna. It was the perfect way to be spending an autumn Sunday afternoon. And Nanna, B tried to bring her home with us, makes the most sensational fairy cakes and jam drops. Ohhhhh, so lovely.

  • no mowing of lawns, one blessing that comes with the cooler weather, I guess.

  • our neighbour's 26th birthday, which started yesterday afternoon and continued right through to today, so many happy sounds; laughter, squeals (crazy people went swimming today), and glass bottles.
My dad goes into hospital tomorrow for a procedure on his heart, it has been the perfect weekend to relieve stress.

And a message from Macc to thy neighbour: it has been the greatest week with meat delivered on three occassions, and I thank you and promise to try not to growl at you as you pass by the passionfruit vine.

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