18 May, 2008

prince charming and prints charming

It has been so long since I have posted here, thank goodness for B keeping the posts coming, and also thank you B for loading the following photos of a cushion I stitched up and stuffed over a couple of nights in front of the TV. The cushion was a kit I purchased from Prints Charming around easter time, it came as a silk screened linen fat quarter, backing fabric and perle threads. The whole process was very theraputic from the random running stitch, so much so that I had to force myself to stop before over embellishing, overstuffing with polyfill, to fraying the edges. It was good fun. I am now fully addicted and am looking for more running stitch and polyfill projects.

Prints Charming Cushion
I am also obsessed with silk screening so it is just my luck that Prints Charming are running their silk screening classes again. I am booked for one in August with 'the next sister down' and my mum. This time round we will be creating our own designs using the paper cut method, and will walk away with 1.5 metres of printed fabric. Oh the hours of running stitch that could be had, but for now the pressure of thinking up some designs.

Prints Charming Cushion on chairLooking at these photos, I have got to get me some more of those kits, I think they might make a nice gift and I did pledge homemade for gifts this year. Prints Charming have a new blog, go take a look.

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