03 October, 2008

A bit of a 'catch-up'

As some of you may know, we have been having a bit of a rough time lately with a lot of time spent at either Hospitals, Clinic's or at the GP. In fact, L was back at the hospital just this morning! These visits will be continuing for a little while to come as well... Almost two weeks ago now, another 'angel' went to heaven...

L is recovering slowly now, but is well on the mend. She is keeping busy, to busy I say, but I think this might just be a good thing as she will not dwell on what has happened.

We spent all of last week at home with a lot of 'us' time. Apart from that, Pa was also in hospital suffering from many things, but after releasing a blockage, he improved heaps. Nan this week, moved into a nursing home for some respite care, and pa will be joining her when he gets a little better, enough to walk. Not bad for a couple that are in their 90's!

I have also been busy, so busy that we have suddenly noticed that our Wisteria is about to flower! We have been SO unlucky with these over the last couple of years. At our old place, we planted one and in the 5 years that we were there, it had not flowered. We visited it the other week, and the people there tells us that it was about to flower! So here is a couple of shots of the first blooms:

Wisteria Bud

Wisteria Flower Bud

Also, it is now time to say 'bye bye' to my little old Suzuki...

Old Suzuki

She is being put out to pasture this afternoon, for a newbie, so I will post a photo of the new 'beast' over the weekend!

I will also be starting to 'catch-up' on ALL of my blogs in my reader, so my apologies to those I have not visited for some time. You have not been neglected!!

Take care, and have a great weekend!

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