07 March, 2010

Festival of Steam at Thirlmere

It goes without saying that this last week has been hard, DAMN hard. But today, I was supposed to go for a drive up to Newcastle and meet up with a friend for coffee. BUT, unfortunately, Mr 2yo was not well and we postponed... So instead, I headed down to Thirlmere for the Festival of Steam (FoS).

1. FOS1, 2. FOS2, 3. FOS3, 4. FOS4, 5. FOS5, 6. FOS6, 7. FOS7, 8. FOS8, 9. FOS9, 10. FOS10, 11. FOS11, 12. FOS12, 13. FOS13, 14. FOS14, 15. FOS15, 16. FOS16, 17. FOS17, 18. FOS18, 19. FOS19, 20. FOS20, 21. FOS21, 22. FOS22, 23. FOS22, 24. FOS23, 25. FOS24, 26. FOS25, 27. FOS26, 28. FOS27, 29. FOS28, 30. FOS29, 31. FOS30, 32. FOS31, 33. FOS32, 34. FOS33, 35. FOS34, 36. FOS35

I had a lovely morning catching up with friends from work and their families! AND, it had been YEARS since I was last down here, I think it was before I could drive! Now I have simply called them all FOS, but they are all in order...

When I was leaving, the train from Sydney was coming up from Picton, but it needed some help from an additional steam engine on the front AND a newer locomotive at the rear! By the time I got home, it was getting somewhat windy and muggy, I hope it is leading to a storm later tonight.

In other news, the house next door to me was up for auction on Saturday afternoon. There was about 50 people there and opening bid was strong, VERY strong! But the bidding was heading north quickly in $10,000 lots before slowing (quickly) to $1,000's. It finally finished with a young chap buying the property for $497,000. AND, in even better news, he wants to move in ASAP instead of the typical 42 day settlement period, so its not a developer! I quickly went and introduced myself to him, thus how I know he wants to move in ASAP, to say HI and to mention that I will not be here when he does move in as I will be overseas. Welcome to the street mate!


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  1. Jack and I are both big train fans! Sadly the trains here are slowly vanishing. We have one here in our town called the "Hobo Railroad" that takes people on tours in the Autumn to see the leaves.


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