04 October, 2010

I've WON (finally)!!!!!!!

Here is a couple of the pics I managed to get before I took the White and Ginger Tom to the RSPCA. Here is a summary of how it all came down for him...

  • I was late in feeding Jasmine, as I had an afternoon ‘nap’ after doing the pathway to the spa. So I fed her and went back to bed to watch some TV.
  • I was no sooner in bed when I hear the ‘thump thump’ in the upstairs study. This is normal when Jasmine comes in, but as I just fed her, I knew this was not the case...
  • I waited more than a couple of minutes before going upstairs and CLOSING the window as a preemptive strike to capture him.
  • I then, walking through to the lounge/kitchen closed every other door I could.
  • He was being somewhat cornered by Jasmine over by the kitchen dresser in-between the two doors to the veranda.
  • They quickly had a hiss-off, and he took off back upstairs.
  • I quickly followed, but stopped to put on some track pants and a jumper, JUST in case!
  • Coerced him back downstairs, but now cornered into the hall, he saw the wooden door opened (screen door closed) and headed there... Oh thank you!!!!!
  • I then closed the wooden door and he was now in ‘custody’!

Now overnight, he had a couple of ‘how can I get out’ moments, but he eventually quietened down. In the morning, I called Council, who directed me to the Cat Protection Society and some others, but all being closed for the PH, I called the RSPCA. I was told that I could surrender it if it was a Feral; which I believe is the case. So I went for a bit of a door knock just to be sure! Nothing availed, so it was now a matter of HOW do I get it into something to take it to the RSPCA!?!? I thought of a box, and found one after taking out some of Louise’s old clothes I had packed. But, just HOW do I get it into it, ask it nicely and an offer of some food perhaps?? NOT likely!

  • I opened the wooden door and put the box in, I also had some of Jasmines dry food in there as I am now of the belief HE has been eating it!
  • He jumped up to the VERY top of the screen door.
  • I grabbed a broom I had and he attacked it like it was like nothing else!
  • He eventually tired, as did I, and with him sitting on the floor, in-between the box and the door, so it was a matter of NOW or NEVER!
  • I got the broom at the ready, and with the speed of, well, an anxious 40 something bloke wanting to secure the capture of a feral cat in his house and PUSHED the box cornering it inside... YEE HAA!!! I had won!
  • Now it was a matter of how do I close the box... I looked, and thought and looked some more. I eventually found two plant trays, one for the top and one for the bottom. I took them, and grabbed my rope to tie it all together...
  • BINGO, cat inside, all tied up and I was on my way...

When I got to the RSPCA, I had to sign some forms, and they took him away, but I had to wait. 30 minutes later, she came out and explained that after a long battle to get him out quietly, they had to put him to sleep (not the ‘Green Dream’) to get him out. They bought back my rope and trays, and I was off...

So, there we have it, he’s gone and hopefully, no more Tom Cat Spray anywhere!

Makeshift Feral Cat Carry Cage SIDE
Makeshift Feral Cat Carry Cage FRONT
Feral Cat LOCKED away

Hoo roo for now...



  1. We watched Die Hard last night and if that cat had been Bruce Willis, he would have been out of there in a flash! lol!

  2. I'm glad you were able to trap him, Bernie.


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