17 December, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly...

But NOT for one Christmas Lights participant!

Last night, a mate and I (and his dad) went out to get some pics of Christmas lights around Merrylands/Greystanes. Along one road, Cumberland Road in Greystanes, there was a small series of houses with lights, music and FOUR Mr Whippy Vans!

Cumberland Christmas
As I was taking a photo of the Nativity scene in his lounge room window, he came up to me and asked "don't you think you should ask..." My initial thought was to say, "well, if you don't want your place photographed, then WHY do you decorate it and put up the lights"... But instead, I went the diplomatic path and said, "well ok then, is it ok then?"

"It's to late now isn't it" was his reply, to which I said to him "actually its not as I havn't taken a photo yet", folded up my tripod and walked away instead! Where's your Christmas cheer mate?

Cumberland Rd Christmas
Cumberland Rd Christmas

Anyway, after here, we went down to Camellia Rd (number 44 Camellia Rd Greystanes actually) and they were great. I took the criticism from the previous location (and asked) to which the family & friends sitting at a table enjoying the passing traffic, asked "where would you like me to pose"?!! Now THAT'S the Christmas cheer!! These guys are great, friendly and I urge you to go and have a look see what they have. Lots of Christmas scenes in the windows, and boat load of Santa's (not to mention a great looking lawn and garden!)...

Camellia Rd Christmas
Camellia Rd Christmas (see Santa's Sleigh?)
Camellia Rd Christmas
Camellia Rd Christmas

Hoping to go to some more on Saturday/Sunday nights...

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Oh this is splendid! I love it! There are not too many places lit up this year. No one has the money for the electricity. Rather grim.
    In other good news, my bother in-law has got a job! We're all so happy!


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