20 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 50 Handwriting

Today, was a somewhat traumatic day in that the toothache from the weekend, got worse! I called my dentist on my way to work, knowing FULL well they would not be there, but it was just a message service and I had to call back after 8am. So I proceeded into work.

After I arrived, it wasn't too long a wait, when I called, I was given the first time slot, 8.30! I left straight away, and I was there in around 10-12 minutes, which in morning peak, wasn't a bad feat!

Anyways, cutting a long story short, I had two bouts of root canal on the day, some 6 hours apart, and it is now better. I DO have to go back Wednesday week and then the following week though for a fix and a crown respectively!


But, today its all about handwriting, right? Well here is a sample of mine, from a meeting, where I was making my own notes from it. Its not very neat, I was hurrying after all, but, its my hand...


Hoo roo for now...


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