17 January, 2013

HOT in the city...

The heat wave in Australia, and more so the Eastern and South Eastern area, is still continuing... Today is another warm day, and tomorrow is forecast to get warm as well (I am not complaining, I like the heat, I just wished we had some rain here as well...). The downside, of course, is that there are bushfires, and there are currently 90 bush and grass fires across NSW of which 18 are not yet contained. The amount of property that has burnt, houses lost, and stock killed, is just horrendous. And to think, only SOME of these have been started naturally (lightning and the like) where as others have been purposefully lit by idiots, who recklessly have no concern for their actions...

Whilst the lawns may not look like this at the moment, now that we are allowed a little latitude in water restrictions, but thankfully, it is a little greener now...

Mrs Macquaries Point Lawn
Mrs Macquaries Point

Having worked outside for most of my working life, the elements offer up some interesting signs; heat, cold, rain and what I hate the most, humidity! But in all, I do like the heat the best, as I also hate 'layering' up on the clothes!

In other news, I have had some issues lately with my hand, arm, shoulder and neck. I went to the GP last Thursday, and went for an X-Ray. On the Friday, when I went back to the GP, I was then sent for a CT Scan, as the results showed some issues relating to C3-6. The resulting CT Scan though, only offered up MORE problems, and at the same time, quantified the other issues! It was confirmed that I have a bulge on the nerve root at C6, and I also have arthritis in C3-6, and there is bony problems also at C6.

What the CT Scan also showed though, was that I have a lump on my thyroid, and a recommendation for a dedicated ultrasound be completed. When I spoke to my GP on the Saturday morning though, we decided to go with conservative treatment for the neck and pins and needles in my arm, physio instead of the nerve block at C6 (ouch), we also discussed what options the thyroid would entail. So next Saturday, I am having a blood test, TSH, KFT, ALFT, CBG and a PSA for good measure. Then, pending the results, a plan of action will be drawn up...

So, go in with problem A, and come out with problem B!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Oh, I hate the heat....want me some snow in fact.

  2. I sure hope you can get to the root of the problems quickly, Bernie. Good luck.

  3. I love the heat if I am at the beach...but at home in a house that has no air conditioning....it is all a bit unbearable when it hits 40! Good luck with your blood test - hopefully it will all be relatively easily fixed.


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