30 July, 2013

Bronty turns TWO!!!

Yesterday, Bronty turned two!! YAY?? no... She was a little bitch!! I say this in every sense of the word as well, not just because she is, well, a she!! Let me explain...

Bronty Turns 2!!
Bronty with her new toys

I stopped on my way home, to get her some new toys, some treats, and groceries for me. When I got home, she was really happy to see me, as she had been inside all day (first time)! Anyway, I let her outside for about 30 minutes or so, and when she came back in, she went to her bed whilst I mad a cuppa (coffee). Anyway, I hat a hat for her to wear, and she had this on without a problem!! BUT, she was excited for her 'cake', and in her excitement, her tail whipped of my cup from the coffee table, and flung it over towards my Macbook Pro and lounge... Yes, coffee and laptop are never a good mix. I literally SCREAMED, and she went straight to the back door, whilst I powered the laptop down. She went out, and came nowhere NEAR the back door wanting back in! I then started to clean up the mess, but guess who was getting stuck into the muffin that was to have been Bronty's birthday cake?? the bloody cat!! I was not in a good mood...

About 45 minutes later, I let her in, and she sheepishly went straight to her bed, and although I had her dinner treat ready, a meat pie, she was hesitant to come near me! She wanted to, but thought I was still angry... Poor thing, she was really excited to get her pie!

Bronty Turns 2!!
Birthday Hat
Bronty Turns 2!!
Birthday Pie

Luckily enough though, I had another muffin, and it was time for her to have her birthday cake!!

Bronty Turns 2!!
Is THAT cake?
Bronty Turns 2!! (nose close up)
Lemme see...
Bronty's Birthday Nose... #bronty #birthday #greatdane #danesofinstagram #sydney
JUST a little bit closer...
Bronty Turns 2!!
It IS CAKE!!!!

Happy Birthday Bronty - you're the best!!

Hoo roo for now...


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