12 December, 2018

2018 'Louise Petchell Award for individual Sustainability' winner is....

So, another year has passed and the recent LGNSW Excellence in the Environment Awards have concluded... This year, Adam Spencer again was the MC for the event held at the Waterview in Bicentennial Park, Olympic Park.

The award that I am humbled to judge, is a memorial award for Louise; The 'Louise Petchell Award for individual Sustainability' and this years winner is Peter Maganov - Randwick City Council.

Peter Maganov - Louise Petchell Award Winner

Peter has been the Manager, Sustainability and Strategic Waste since the commencement of Randwick City Council's innovative ‘Sustaining our City’ environmental levy program almost 15 years ago.

Peter has led Council's small team integrating sustainability programs and aspirations across Randwick's strategies and plans, with other departments and areas of Council as well as with an extensive range of external community organisations.

Peter's commitment and leadership of Randwick's sustainability initiatives has resulted in a transformation and longevity extending throughout Council's operations, across into the wider community and to the local government sector.

Over the past 2 years, Peter has successfully lead a team who have an impressive array of achievements including:
  • Completing the sustainability education 'hub' with a purpose built outdoor classroom and 'wild food', native habitat, honey and native bee trails 
  • Coastal walkway upgrades protecting sensitive vegetation while providing access to a million visitors annually at South Maroubra and Malabar 
  • 50 kilowatts of solar PV added at two community centres 
  • Stormwater recycling now saving > 400 million litres of potable water per year 
  • Electric bicycles added to fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles for staff use 
  • Biodiversity design and habitat support with 8 local schools and a further 22 food and native garden grants to local schools 
  • Randwick's annual Eco Living Fair providing specialist stalls, presenters and demonstrations. 
  • Randwick's first Biodiversity Strategy 
  • Renewable Energy Master Plan 
  • An updated Energy and Greenhouse Management Plan 
  • A final Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap 
  • A draft Strategic Sustainability Framework. 
Peter is able to influence and negotiate on substantial programs, projects and strategies which have strengthened Randwick's sustainability results and reputation across the local government sector.

In an address to the audience, Peter commented on how much Louise was a 'dogged' person, who simply didn't understand the concept of 'no', but rather asked, 'why not'.... I know this only too well...

I would like to further extend both my thanks and gratitude to LGNSW and to Local Government Super, for the continued support of memorialising Louise...

Additional photos...

2018 LGNSW Awards Lunch
Louise Petchell Award Winner - Peter Maganov
Louise Petchell Award Winner - Peter Maganov
2018 Awardees
Adam Spencer and Me

Hoo roo for now...


  1. Looking good there Bernie! Such a wonderful way to honor Louise. God Bless!

    1. Oh thank YOU Maribeth!!!!!! I am STILL so proud of her ever year at these awards....


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