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05 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 35 10am (6/2/12)

Ok, this post, and tomorrows are back to front in the way the photos were taken, apologies for this, but I had a rather busy weekend... So, looking into the future, tomorrow at work at 10am, I suspect I would have finished my coffee, and would be wanting another...



Today though, was a great day where I caught up (again) with some of the girls in the morning at Lake Parramatta. Everyone was there, and we enjoyed a hearty brunch of bacon & eggs, sausage, tomato and a hash brown. I also chose the orange (over apple) juice and a coffee (over tea) to finish it off.

In the afternoon, we had a farewell spotting afternoon out at the airport. It was a great afternoon, lots to talk about and new people to meet! The 'Eastern Suburbs Princess' came along to see Bronty, EB, DB's wife, was there as well with Stanley the Pugg, and both enjoyed a swim...

Hoo roo for now...