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25 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 55 Green

Ok, this was a bit of a 'no brainer' for me, cause what do I like thats green...? Lawns and Gardens!! So I went out after mowing the lawns, and I shot some of my front lawn (macro style) which has a predominant Buffalo (Stenotaphrum secondatum) coverage. There is a bit of Couch and Kikuyu as well :( !

Stenotaphrum secondatum (Buffalo)

Stenotaphrum secondatum (Buffalo) Seed Head

I also ventured into the side garden where the Seaside Daisy (Erigeron glaucas) is going slightly rampant - so it may need removal ALL together!!

Erigeron glaucus (Seaside Daisy)

And in the front bed, where the Roses are, I spotted this little fella budding up...

Rose Bud

Hoo roo for now...


18 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 48 Drink

Tonight, I actually thought about WHAT I wanted to do, and HOW I was going to do it! It just took a little while to get it all sorted!

I originally thought just a simple setup on the kitchen bench, but when I got that shot, it was not quite right. So I started to think where I might find some black things for a background! I eventually found a black tee-shirt, and whilst not right, it was adequate for the purpose. Anyway, here is a shot of the setup

Drink Setup

Now I got a few shots first with the glass empty, and when satisfied, I got the ice and bourbon ready, and here is the result. I kinda like it for a quick setup, using limited resources!

Drink in Murano Glass


I also managed to get some photos of other things today, Bronty is coming along nicely, and a Crocus, Callistemon as well.




Hoo roo for now...


11 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 41 Makes you Happy

So, whats something that makes me happy? Well, friends do, of course without saying, as with really enjoying photography blah blah blah... But, thinking about it, I think it might be seeing, and knowing, that the lawns are done, THATS what makes me happy! Boring, I know, but there isn't anything better than a freshly mown lawn!

Aussie Backyard Spa-house


I spent a lot of the day in the study/office, doing my tax. I would've done it sooner, but talk laziness and half the ANZ prohibited me actually doing it! ANZ had its part to play due to a technical glitch in THEIR systems which meant my statements were not available! But, they are now mostly done, I just have to get three statements from the bank, and my Group Certificate from work! And its looking like a good return as well!!


Tomorrow is the birthday of the F-I-L, and I have a great present. BUT, tomorrow it is the farewell of JP as he's heading back to PRG to live and work. He will be missed by many here in SYD, but I hope I will be catching up in June/July when next I am in Europe! Farewell my friend, and Bon Voyage!!

Hoo roo for now...


01 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 32 Your View Today

Ok, its a new month, which means, a new list...

Feb Photo a Day

BUT today, I forgot to get a photo of my view from my office. BUT, also in my defence, it was raining for almost ALL of the day :) So, as soon as I got home I grabbed a pic of a section of the garden that has a lot of the same plants that are in the garden outside my office window... So, will that do?

Garden View

Hoo roo for now...


23 January, 2012

photo a Day Challenge - Day 23 Something Old

Ok, this is going to be a little series of photos, but it all is something old, just a story about its renewal!!

You see, we have an old house. It was built in 1927. We purchased it though in 2005, and quickly removed the Liquidamber out the front. They are on Council's list of 'undesirable' trees!

Front Tree

Here in the second shot, you will see how the Frangipani has grown, the brickwork has been repointed AND tuck pointed (L would love it...). It is a similar angle to the shot above, although sans Liquidamber!

Garage Bay Window

And this last shot, taken on Saturday when I pulled out ALL stops to get gardens done to go out on Sunday. Lawns mowed looks good, right??

Something Old

Hoo roo for now...


07 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 7 Favourite

Favourite, whats my favourite?? Well thats a 'how longs a piece of string' kind of question, but there is a lot of things I call 'favourite'! But, one of my MOST favourite things would be a nice, mown yard!


This may seem a bit weird, obscene, maybe just freaky, but after lawns have been mowed is a sense of completion and you can sit back and enjoy... Its even better if there a shower of rain just after as well, but alas it was not to be with brilliant sunshine for the remainder of the day!

Hoo roo for now...


18 September, 2011

End of an era - a Passionfruit era!

Well, today, it was an end of a very passionate era, I removed my passionfuit vine! These were put in JUST after L died in 2009, so they had done their time only being good for a couple of years! They may have gone an extra season, but the Lemon Myrtle, Blood Orange, Lemonade tree AND the Kaffia Lime tree were all suffering, so it was time to go.

It had stretched over some 15-18m along the colourbond fence. The last neighbours next door, after a spat of an argument concerning their dog getting into my yard, threw the vine BACK over when it was full of fruit! Silly them!


Anyways, my last bucket of fruit is going to be delivered to a old crafty blogging friend of L's, whom I've also become friends with since... I sent her a txt asking about her Vanilla Ice-Cream supply is like due to the vine removal, and, well lets say the reply seemed very keen to get some! So I am off to the Shire on Tues afternoon!

Last crop

Hoo roo for now...


21 January, 2011

Work programs... Starting and finishing!

This week, sees the starting of a major works program at home, whilst it bring the finish of another. It had been a long time coming for me, and finally, a yard upgrade that is finished for a friend!

On Monday, the re-pointing and tuck-pointing of the house started. I first got a quote done for this way back in Feb/March of 2009. It was an on again off again due to other commitments. However, in November, I committed to it and I got the call from the tradesman saying he was going to start! So, on Monday, he took to the mortar lines with an angle grinder and ground out about 10-155mm or so of the old lime mortar. It was going to be a two day job, but it was done in the day (soft mortar) but he did finish at around 7.30pm!

Tuesday, the garage side wall was re-pointed in an off white mortar. This took the day, and Wednesday and Thursday, was the area along the other side of the house along the second bedroom in the same off white, as a decision was to be made if I was to have from the facade to the entrance door, tuck-pointed. You see, most early Californian Bungalows have a 'front door' but in my case, it is a door that is to the side of the house. So the facade (Garage, bay window and veranda around the corner) was of a slightly different brick, a face brick, with matching common bricks elsewhere. This was very typical of the period (1927) of the home. BUT, I am not sure about returning it to a tuck-point, and having a very distinct change where the entrance door is. The areas that are getting tuck-pointed, has a brown mortar instead of the off white, but then gets taped up and a very fine white line is put on. It is very much a dieing art and trade! Anyway, here are the pics I quickly grabbed the other day:

Garage Side
Facade pre tuck-point
Facade pre tuck-point Bay Window

Also, before Christmas, I helped plan and coordinate a friends backyard makeover. He did the bulk of the design, I just helped it come to fruition! It was fun spending HIS money for once !!! lol Anyway, his spa was installed prior to Christmas and yesterday, the shade structure was installed. So his makeover is now finished! He is SO happy with it, me too just quietly, and the yard is now very much a usable space for entertaining (not to mention, having a spa as well)! He's having family down on Wednesday, they don't know its been done, and he is very excited! Here are some pics of his place:

Frank's Spa
Frank's Spa
Frank's Spa & Sundeck

Hoo roo for now...


13 October, 2010

Wordless Wednesday No. 40 Sydney Art

BIKES bike
Shakespeare's Place Statues
Shakespeare's Place Statues
Australian Native Flowers RBG

ALL of the photos above were taken with my HTC Hero Mobile phone!

Now, last night (as part of my 'change the colour/look of the house') I thought I might paint the front door... This mind you, was at 9pm! It also needed two coats, so I wiped it down to remove any dust, and as it didn't need any sanding down, I took of the doors hardware and got to painting. It didn't really take all that long, the longest part was 'cutting in' around the windows within it! Tonight, when I eventually get home, I will do the door frame in a blue and eventually the screen will be removed and I will do the screen door and the side screen. But that is a much more tedious job! I will put up a pic of the 'new door' when it is finished, most likely, Friday!

Hoo roo for now...


11 October, 2010

Gardening Bliss!

It would appear, that my winter work of feeding and tending to the weeds, is beginning to pay off... Do you agree?

Front Rose
Front Rose Garden

I am now about to start tending to the vege garden, and after topping it up with some soil from the path installation and with some well rotted manure, I am expecting some hopefully good return on my tomatoes, corns, lettuce and so on... Time will tell!

Hoo roo for now...


05 October, 2010

The PATH is finished!

Well, after the interruption thanks to the feral tom cat, here is an update on the pathway to the spa... As you can see, it is now a matter of brushing in the sand to fill the little cracks in between the pavers to lock it all together. Thankfully, the rain we have been having is washing it in for me, all I have to do is keep bringing a shovel load of sand up and spread it out and then with my broom, sweep sweep sweep!

Completed Pathway Brushing Sand

After a couple of times of doing this, I swept it all clear and got this shot, just to show you how it looks. YES, there are a couple of little lumps 'n' bumps, but these are really minor and looks good against the rustic nature of the heritage house! Also, it what you can do with secondhand paving bricks!

Completed Pathway

So now, all that's left is to keep on levelling the sides, letting the grass fill into these areas and start mowing the lawn. Not to mention, feeding it up nicely so as it is green and lush, nothing better than a nice green lawn!

Hoo roo for now...


03 October, 2010

The path continues & Finals Fever!

Well, with there being rain (and possible thunderstorms) forecast, I awoke early on Saturday morning and went straight to the weather radar to see what was happening. And yes, there was rain out along the coastline! So, at 5.30am I headed across to the in-laws to collect the trailer and get the supplies (roadbase and sand) for when the hired help arrive.

I had some breakfast along the way, said hello to the in-laws and hooked up the trailer and headed back towards home. A call from the hired help ensured that things will proceed, and I went to the landscape supplies shop. I ordered and paid and when I got out to the guy on the loader, it was a mate I hadn't seen in, like years, and he got me the roadbase first. I said I would return when it was out and headed home.

The roadbase was out in no time at all, and during it, there was more than a couple of raindrops, so I quickly left to return to the landscape supplies to collect the sand with about a couple of wheelbarrow loads of roadbase left! So I got there, and was ushered infront of three other trucks, and I said my goodbyes and left. When I got home, the hired help had done nothing so when I backed the trailer into the garage, the first wheelbarrow load was quickly shoveled in and the first coarse was being laid when it absolutely BUCKETED down! It remained this way for the rest of the day (and even into today).

Tools down due to rain

So, the path was eventually laid, and by this time, the BIL, SIL and the nephews were on their way over to help. Good timing guys!!! Anyway, we had some cheeses, beers and watched the replay of the AFL Grand Final where Collingwood were the better team on the day. I cooked a Tandoori Chicken Roast, and for dinner. Not to mention a couple more beers. Oh, by the way, Macc was out of duty due to boredom, so the Forecat went to take on the additional role of Security!

Forecat turns SECURITY

So, today it was all about the NRL Grand Final, where St George played a great game and beat the Roosters. St George were also, the better team out on the field... I will )tomorrow) post some more pics of the path. It is at the stage where we are brushing in the sand to help 'lock' it all together! So stay tuned!

Hoo roo for now...


11 August, 2010

From the sick bed...

OK, I have not been all that well of late, not with a shoulder and arm complaint that needed some intensive physio and an MRI, BTW it is more than a little better BUT I still have no feeling in my thumb! I also, on Sunday evening, started to get a sore throat. By Monday morning, I felt ROTTEN! And that's putting it mildly! I have felt a lot better today, but now the coughing has started so in order to suppress it (Cough Mixture DID not work at all today) a friend of mine (F) gave me a recipe. It went a little like this:

  • Two lemons (I only had Lemonades which are a sweeter Lemon) cut thickly and simmered in water until the skin is tender and pulp is falling out of its own accord.
  • Nip of Rum and Honey into a large glass.
  • 2 x Panadol (I used Nurofen as it is my preferred medication).

Putting the nip of honey and Rum with the Panadol and pour in the HOT lemon drink. Stir until Panadol has dissolved and drink as hot as you can and GO TO BED!!!!


Also, the tree that fell last week is all cleared up and the clothes line will be installed on Tuesday afternoon. Doesn't the yard look a little bare!

Backyard tree removed

Hoo roo for now...