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11 July, 2013

Bloody car... (and WORK too for that matter)

I have been wanting to upgrade my car for a little while now, actually, since January this year to be precise! But, with work deleting my position (and YES, it has been going on THAT long) I have been in somewhat of a limbo land, so I have put it off. Back in January, I was looking at a Toyota Prado and a Mitsubishi Pajero, both are about the size I am looking at. Simply put, Bronty has out grown my car, a Suzuki Vitara!

now, I have still been looking as the months have rolled on, and now that the redundancy is looming closer, I am now a little more anxious as to what is going to happen. Additionally, come September, I will no longer have to pay a bill that I have been paying for the past few years, so that is also good, but without a job, there is an added pressure. I am still thinking a Prado or a Pajero is the ideal car for me...

Going nowhere.... Clutch shat itself... #M4 #clutch #vitara #suzuki #$$$$$$ #breakdown #rain

Well, the other day, whilst driving along on a VERY BUSY peak hour M4, the inevitable happened; I broke down again, it was the clutch. You may remember from THIS POST a few weeks back that the clutch went, but in fact, it was just the Slave and Master Cylinders that needed replacing. The mechanic also mentioned to me that the 'Pressure Plate' is looking as though it is also on the way, but considering that I am looking at getting rid of the old girl, they made adjustments to it, and we were on our way again. Brakes were also done at the same time!

Anyway, I am driving in the fast lane, very inside lane, and as the traffic was crawling along, it wanted to keep going even though my foot was ON the clutch pedal. I simply put it into neutral, and rolled to a stop. BUT, I was in the inside fast lane, and I had to cross over a lane to get into the breakdown area. I let the traffic move a little bit, put it into first gear, and started the car and put the hazard lights on, turned them off with my left blinker ON, and managed to get across pretty easy actually! I then called the NRMA (roadside service). initially, it was a discussion, but when I said what the problem was, rather than send a serviceman out and THEN a towie, they just sent a tow-truck to pick me up and take me to my mechanic (which is within the 20klm area I get free towing).

Picked up and on our way...

in the end, it was a linkage problem between the clutch pivot point, and the slave cylinder, and it was a cheap repair at $190, but needless to say, the search begins, in earnest, for a new car!!

Hoo roo for now...