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12 December, 2008

Happy Birthday... TROLL!

Yesterday, was L's birthday... And it was going to be a 'special' day. You see, last Thursday, I had a meeting with her specialist and it was arranged that she will be 'slotted in' where he can for a couple of investigations for recurrent miscarriages. Guess what, he got her in ON her birthday! What's more, she was first on the list and had to be there by 6.30am! But a call from the clinic the following day rescheduled it for today, Friday...
So how did we celebrate it??? Croissants and fresh brewed coffee in the morning with the delivery of her present, a Troll Bracelet.

Fish Lock

Birthday Troll

After a nice morning relaxing spa, we headed north for the morning taking BACK the bracelet, as it was a little long and I had fears of it falling off! The girls at M-Studio were fantastic and she swapped it over no worries. However, whilst we were in there, she Had to get another three beads now!!!
After all changes were made, we headed over to a new shop for some lunch, Fourth Village Providore (an Italian market/Café) in Mosman. This was FANTASTIC! We shared a pizza (Bufalo Cheese, Prosciutto, Basil and fresh Parmesan)! Dessert was a Chocolate Fig Tart with Mascarpone and chocolate sauce drizzled around the plate!!!! YUMM!
After lunch we headed home to finish getting the house ready for the family and friends gathering on Sunday, maybe. L has come up rather sore from the surgery, so it is on notice... It would be terrible if she could not get out of bed! The cake is ordered and I will be collecting it tomorrow morning... More on that over the weekend!