13 September, 2010

A short trip to Melbourne Pt 1 of 2

Since my last post, I have now had stitches removed and a little more mobile... This allowed me to venture south, to Melbourne, for the Semi-final match for the Swans 'v' Western Bulldogs.

However, the weekend was a real let down for me, sports wise, due to multiple losses! Let me show you JUST how bad it was:

  • AFL: - Swans v Western Bulldogs (10.12. 72 - 11.11 77)
  • Rugby Union: - Australia 'v' New Zealand (22 - 23)
  • Sydney Roosters 'v' West Tigers (19 - 15) which had a field goal scored in the dieing minutes to go to Golden Point time!!!

Aside from these poor results, after the flight down late Friday night (after seeing the GP) I headed straight for bed. Sydney airport has a very STRICT curfew of 11pm. Our flight was delayed after the mornings heave fog, and as our aircraft went to Perth, which meant we had our wheels up at 10.58pm!

On Saturday, whilst others slept in, I went into Richmond for breakfast at the 'Groove Train'. The breakfast was fast, service great, but more importantly, the food was excellent!

Groove Train Breakie

After this, we then headed into the Yarra Valley, a Wine District. Mr L has become very use to the 'bubbles' of the famous Chandon of Moet & Chandon fame!

Moet & Chandon
Chandon Cork

We also had a look around the Gardens, which were really special...

Chandon Vines
Chandon House Lawn
Chandon House
Chandon House Poppy Bed

After a trip around the Gardens, we then headed inside to have a look at the inner workings of such a winery, to the vats and barrels through to the 'Rittle Room' (which is where they turn the bottles every couple of days) and finally ending up in the shop where you could 'sample' the produce which is a must do of course!

Chandon Barrel Room
Master Rittler
Rittle Room
Chandon Tasters

Then it was to a lookout (War Memorial which doubles as the CFA Early Fire Lookout) to overlook some of the area and onto Melbourne in the distance, before heading back into Melbourne City and to the Game.

Melbourne in the distance...
MCG 11092010

I will post some more from the Sunday tomorrow, as this is already a long enough post... Hoo roo for now...


09 September, 2010

Bloody TOE!!!

I have been this last week, somewhat stationary.... You see, last week, during the wee hours of the morning, I needed to get a drink so I walked down the hallway to the kitchen. I 'normally' walk with my right hand running along the wall so as I know WHEN I get to where the little step is. This time though, I did not and I was very quickly woken up (in severe PAIN) with me kicking the step, whilst my toe dragged down the small step nearly ripping my nail off at the nail bed! Here's the hallway and then the step:

Hall to step
The Step

On Tuesday I had an appointment with the Podiatrist, as the GP could only do so much, and he had clipped it so as it wasn't pulling the nail if I was to wear socks or on the bedsheets at night. So the Podiatrist's first comment, said "man, that looks real angry, and obviously an infection had set in given the offensive smell"! Geez mate, thanks!!! So he cleaned it up, put a little tourniquet on my toe to stop the bleeding (yeah right) and gave me a local on the toe. A couple of minutes later after it started to work, he stared to poke around with most of the toe now numb! Out came the HUGE (well I thought so) clipper things and digging away to get to the root of the nail. WELL, I just about hit the roof, and when he clipped, blood was gushing everywhere, it even caught him unaware!!! Now I fairly OK with blood and guts and can watch surgery on RPA, but my GOD, I burped and next thing I knew I was projectile vomiting all over the floor just missing him! I don't know who was more shocked, me or him!! Procedure all done, I had to sit outside for a little bit whilst he cleaned up... Then he got his own back, by giving me the bill!!!

So with being somewhat unable to walk a great deal or drive as much as well, I have been sitting contemplating a lot of things to do with my future... I still don't know what I am going to do, but I am considering a lot of options...

So here it today, I can walk a little to a lot better, with a couple of stitches in my toe, and I had a look around the garden. There is a lot in flower at the moment, but the orange Clivia Spp are looking good, and I have my white/soft yellow budding up as well which I will get a photo of when it flowers.

Clivia Spp

And before I go, here is the little miss Jasmine, quite comfortable in the vege patch (which is getting ready to plant out):

Jasmine Vege Patch

Hoo roo for now...


01 September, 2010

Some Aussie Flowers (WW 36 as well...)

Wordless Wednesday # 36!

Kangaroo Paw


Over the weekend, I had to attend a State Conference for BGANZ. It went very well, of course I was running the presentations so it HAD to run well! But, seriously, all of the presentations went off without a hitch!

The conference dinner was yumm, do you agree?

Roasted Pumpkin and Cumin Soup
Steak Redwine Sauce Wedges and Steamed Veges

And on the Sunday whilst the workshops were underway, I managed to go around the Gardens and get some photos not only of the groups doing the workshops, but also of the typically Australian Native Flowers in the Garden...

Indigenous Tree Carving HRBG
Sun Time HRBG
Picture Kills a Thousand Flies HRBG
I need to find out this ones name... HRBG
Grevillia Green HRBG
Cassia I think HRBG
Banksia Orange HRBG

Hoo roo for now...


25 August, 2010

A sale is now, not to far (WW #35)

Firstly, WW pic is down the line a bit as this post needs some explaining, sorry!

Ok, today is the LAST day, of the LAST cooling off period for the sale of the house... And, whilst I have heard (last night at 8pm), that the purchaser has transferred the deposit, he still needs to get the printed receipt to the agent by 5pm! This is very important for them, as the deposit was done via an EFT to the Agents Trust Account, and you know that these things do take time of somewhere between 24-48 hours to transfer! So, the countdown is on until this afternoon, where hopefully, I will be able to report with some FINAL good news!

Also, there is now a very (very) slight possibility of me heading across to Dubai in mid September! I will be racking up a couple of days this coming weekend at a conference, and as such, I will be using them to go across to the Emirates Nation! At this stage, it is still very much 'up in the air' (no pun intended), but I will know a little more by the end of the week!

NOW, for the WW pic. here is a funny sight this morning, but an all to serious one as well... There is a great little spot, to sit and watch air traffic movements... It has slowly been deteriorating over the years, and things like this certainly do not help! The amount of times I have seen cars bogged in the soft sand behind is amazing, but this guy really does take the cake!

Fool Truck Driver at Sheps

Hoo roo for now...


23 August, 2010

House sale, Voting, Driving and a Party...

The weekend was a full one... A VERY FULL on couple of days... And it all started on Friday! Let me explain!

The people who are purchasing the house, have requested a FURTHER extension to the cooling off period. This is putting me in limbo for another few days. All I want to do is sell, and move on! Anyway, they asked for Thursday, and I have given them to Wednesday. if not, the deal is off and they can start over or it is on the market again! I am NOT going to be bullied/arm wrestled into this by them!

And then came Saturday, which I spent what seemed to be the day driving around for other people's benefit! It was a very windy day, and I did get a bit done. But I wanted to get some paint and start painting... This, unfortunately, was not the case... But I did get to the shops to get my 2 x 3yo niece and nephew and my 1yo nephew their birthday presents! Oh, and yes, I also went and cast my vote in the Federal Election as well!

So, in came Sunday morning, a bright sunny day... I had another full on day starting with a catch-up with a mate (oh yeah, and a bit of plane spotting...) before heading to the birthday party! Here is 'Pinky', flying the Breast Cancer colours on a QANTAS bird!


Then I got into the car and headed for a quick visit to Lou. As I said, it was a nice sunny day and the local wildlife was out in force. You see, Plovers are a very territorial bird and if you get to close for comfort, they 'Dive Bomb' you showing the hooks on their wings! Here is the decoy lookout whilst its partner is circling and about to bomb me!


Here is the pathway that leads to where L is. I thought, at first, I would not like the Tussock Grass when they did it, as they removed a Buxus Hedge, but I think it is growing on my (pardon the pun)!

Pathway to Lou

And finally the party... I will just leave you with some photo's... They say a picture tells a thousand words; how true it is!

Rosie Falling
Will Riding
Riley opening present
Max Determined
Jack Sponsorship

Hoo roo for now...


15 August, 2010

Flowers in the Garden...

Spring is just around the corner, like yesterday it was 22c here, and there are a few things flowering in the garden, and a few things getting ready to flower! First up, is an Abutalon Spp:

Abutalon spp

Next is a Daphne Spp that I was given just after L died last year:

Daphne spp

Here we have a Japonica which is basking out the front yard in the lovely winter sun:


Now I really like this shot of some Snowbells against L's Mimpi:

Snowbells on Mimpi

And finally, some orchids, Cymbidiums that we have:

Cymbidium spp
Cymbidium (Dwarf) spp

Hoo roo for now...