19 October, 2004

....and it just keeps getting bigger!

Further to last weeks post, one of the Hollyhocks in our garden just keeps growing. It is now over 7 foot tall. B took this photo of me with it last Friday.

....and it just keeps getting bigger! Posted by Hello

We have both been kind of busy..working, studying, gardening (the front garden is now home to summer annuals, and the pot at the front door with Kalanchoe), and if that wasn't enough I have also been stressing out.

The cause of my stressing out started a couple of months back though, and was the result of feeling undervalued in my workplace, and applying for a new job, which I successfully got interviewed for (twice) and offered the position. The stressful bit has been trying to determine whether I am better off in my current workplace or taking the new job. Friday, I decided that I was better off where I am given my uni study, and the opportunities that have come my way since. Added stress has been that upon declining the offer, they have asked me think further about it so that they can have discussions with the General Manager, so the saga continues.

To relieve the stress B and I paid a visit to Star City on Sunday night where we were the guests of the Endeavour Room...some sort of highrollers room where the drinks and buffet are free. Don't ask me how we got an invite because I can't tell you *cheeky smile*.

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