27 October, 2004

uni highs and lows

These last couple of weeks, the admin side of uni has really caused me some grief. Last week I discovered that the 'Computer Modelled Assessment' (the assignment I was required to complete via the internet)was lost in cyberspace. I thought I had completed it successfully at my end, however it did not get received at USQ's end. I discovered this only by checking into the course discussion board and finding quite a few people discussing their answers. This prompted me to ring the university to enquire about my results, and being told that they hadn't received my assignment. I wasn't the only one apparently, they had experienced technical problems the weekend before it was due, so I was able to resubmit it. Thank goodness I had kept an almost final copy of my answers, so this was not too big a deal. I was able to email this directly to the markers for processing, and although this seems simple, the 2 attempts I made generated an automated response which also suggested I was not successful. In the end B took over and my assignment finally reached its destination. Well, today I got my results (90%) which put me on a high, and gave me the incentive to sort out my subject for Semester 3. I needed to swap the subject I was currently enrolled in for S3 with another, again this is required to be done online. I managed to drop the enrolled in subject, no problems, but picking up the replacement subject, no way. I have put in a request for help from my Regional Liason Officer but it does not look hopeful. Because I was focused on the assigment debacle, I missed the deadline (didn't think there was one, considering S3 hasn't actually started) for changing subjects. Looks like I will be enjoying summer with everyone else, which won't be so bad.

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