17 November, 2004

dinner with friends

last night we had dinner with A&B in Parramatta at Punjab House. It is always good catching up with friends and last night was no exception.

We had great food,
......the banquet was ordered, which is a real feast consisting of an entree and all you can eat curries; so B was happy he got his butter chicken, I got my lamb sagwaal (lamb and spinach) and by general consensus we also ended up with Rogan Josh, naan, naan and more pappadums.

......A&B brought really nice wine, which I feel terrible about as we forgot to thank them for it. I am making a mental note to remember to bring the wine next time.

and conversation.
......there was much to discuss, including A & B's recent trip to fiji, and my favourite catching up with the goings on of B's (not my B's) family (are you following this?). B has a really interesting family, so much is always going on.

Well, we ate, drank and conversed till 3 of us (those with the regular hours) started to get the yawns, B (not my B) being the only one not yawning.

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