10 November, 2004

when all is examined and done

....you go shopping and spend lots of money.

B made sure I did my exam, well at least got to my exam safely, and on time. He also hung about till I was finished. Very supportive of him. I am not that confident with my performance, but have been reassured by the feedback from the online discussion board for this subject that I am not alone in thinking the multiple choice was definitely harder, there was some interesting use of double and triple negatives, and what does ceteris paribus mean anyway? (Answer: other things the same). This latin phrase was used about 3 times, which was really annoying because I don't recall it, other than the plain english, being used ever before in the course.

Anyway, with the exam out of the way we had half a day to relieve the stress, so visted mum and had coffee with her at Northbridge Plaza, after a quick look in a few of the shops, then after dropping her back at home headed for Westfield's Parramatta where we did some serious damage, well more so I did some serious damage to the credit card, although B is implicated as after all he carried the bags. Results for the day - new shoes, a couple of new outfits, a Martha Stewart magazine, and products purchased as a result of the facial I also managed to fit in.

Now its back to work, and the start of semester 3 'Decision Support Tools'. What fun.

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