30 October, 2005

As far as my legs would carry me

I have just got back to the hotel room to refresh before meeting B for lunch. With a few minutes up my sleeve I thought I would share my morning.

This blog was going to be titled ‘raining one day, sunny the next’, as today is in such stark contrast to yesterday. It is so fresh and beautiful that after a quick breakfast (the continental again in the hotel, and yes I did try toasting the croissant, and it cooked perfectly, I set the dial correctly this time and made sure it was REALLY FLATTENED), I saw B to his conference and then set out in the direction of the Salamanca precinct. Nothing opened before 10am if at all, being a Sunday I guess. But not wanting to waste any time (at sometime I have to get some study done) I did some window shopping and then decided on the 5 minute walk to Battery Point. I took longer than 5 minutes – so many lovely gardens to stop and look at and get photos of.

battery point stairs

view from the top of the stairs

garden I

garden II

garden III
Point was cute but again shops, mainly antiques, didn’t open till midday if at all. So I headed back to Salamanca, visited a few of the art galleries, made a purchase of some sweet little embossed porcelain stars (thinking ahead to this years Christmas tree) handmade by a local. I also discovered a handmade chocolate shop which smelled heavenly, and made a mental note to come back later in the week. Although I am thinking a sample for this afternoons study session might be a good idea…….

Tonight we have cocktails at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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