13 October, 2005

update... although be warned!!

Just to bring you all up to whats been happening here in the world of burntofferings....

L has been for a barage of tests. These tests have been for everyknown form of Hepatitis; HIV and Hormone levels just to name a few. The results show she has no Hep, she is HIV negative and all in all, she has a problem with her insulin levels!!! Why I hear you ask? Wait and we will see if you can guess after I tell you of the test I went for!

My test, what a joke! I had to pay $90 bucks just to have a bit of pleasure! Thats right, $90 bucks to have a wank and supply some sperm for analysis. Do you get the picture yet? And whats more, I got $50 something bucks back!

Yes we have started down the path of IVF. I wont bore you with ALL of the details over the coming months, but it will involve daily blood tests, could involve daily ultrasounds to determine amount of eggs being released, and best of all (not according to L), the daily injections with an epipen!

So hopefully soon, we will have some sort of news for you... Stay tuned!

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