24 May, 2006

albury bound

In the blink of an eye B, mum and I have been to Albury for a week. Whilst B was conferencing, mum and I made day trips taking in Beechworth, Uranquinty, Wagga Wagga, Walbundrie, as well as having a day in Melbourne.

Here is a link to the pictorial.

There were however so many other sites and things that I didn't get photos of so I have attempted to remember them all here starting with.

The best bakery is at Uranquinty.. so good in fact that mum and I had morning tea there (I have been before and felt that she needed to experience it for herself), we then returned for a very, very late lunch, and then felt compelled to buy a sample of their cakes and a loaf of bread to enjoy over the next couple of days.

The Wagga Iron Foundry, just fascinating, they are able to recreate any cast iron item. Verandah posts, chairs, tables, you just name it. I was a after a price for flat decorative verandah posts.

The Ardent Alpaca in Beechworth, I loved this store, I bought the softest baby alpaca yarn which I am knitting into a lace type pattern scarf. The pattern is from either this or last months Better Homes and Gardens. A picture will surely be uploaded when it is finished. I will be so proud of myself if I actually finish it.

Divine Linen, also in Beechworth.

Mad About You - I didn't actually view any of their stuff apart from a cute little catalogue I picked up in a coffee shop in Albury. But you never know when it might come in handy, and some of their things were adorable. I can't share it with you now though as they don't have a webpage. Very strange when they rely on direct sales. Oh well. For a catalogue Tel. +61 2 60565911 or email madaboutyou@hotkey.net.au

Zakkaya, Fitzroy, Victoria, "contemporary Japanese goods for your life". Just cute stuff, really really cute.

And finally, La Parisienne Pates, Lygon St Carlton, Victoria. Yummy, Yummy stuff here, we had the best pate for dinner that night, and rabbit and prune pies to die for. No web link but I will be going back for supplies next time I am in Vic.

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