05 May, 2006

Can't be

B and I have been working very hard; long hours, uni work, housework, family commitments, all sorts of stuff. I am telling you this because I am way overdue for a holiday, in fact if you add in long-service leave I could have the next 6 months off work on full pay (there's a thought...), I am very tired, and this means that I have the occasional blonde moment..... like this one, which has actually been more than a moment...

One of my favourite artists is Rebecca Cool, who is based in WA, I occasionally do a web search to see if there might be any exhibitions in Sydney, and about 12 months ago I discovered that Rebecca Cool was a feature artist of the Canterbury Art Exhibition. Since that time I have been checking to see if / when their next exhibition will be and if Rebecca Cool will be a feature artist. My constant checking was rewarded a few weeks back and so B and I decided that attending opening night complete with champagne and nibblies would be fun. That is, until B checked the details on the web, you know exact address, time, cost.... it was Canterbury VIC, not Canterbury NSW.

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