09 November, 2007

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The countdown is now on, for our trip across the pond to NZ, and I am so excited that I finally have my very own copy of 'the Crafter's Compainion' resultant from our trip to Borders last night (and that we shall soon be on holiday). I am a little torn, as I bought a book a couple of weeks ago for the trip, but I have been waiting to get a copy of the Crafter's Companion for soooo long, and a sneak peak on the way home in the car, had me hooked. I couldn't possibly wait two weeks to read on. The solution is that I will probably pack both books.

Crafters Companion

Now the search is on for Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol which was not on the register at Borders at all. I could get it from Amazon, but I would prefer an Australian supplier. I have just found Fishpond which looks suspiciously like Amazon but appears to be Australian so maybe that is the answer, if I had found this one sooner I could have ordered it with the Crafter's Companion, for free shipping and saved on the price I paid at Borders. Oh well, the irony is that today the emailed coupon from Borders was 35% off the full price of any book, but I don't care, I wasn't going to risk leaving it till such a coupon came along, even if it was the next day.

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