06 December, 2007

TT # 10: random finds and crafty goodness from our trip to new zealand

New Zealand 2007 TT Mosaic

1. The Fabric Room, 2. The Fabric Room Shopfront, 3. Dept of Doing, 4. Napier, 5. Napier, 6. Napier, 7. Arahura First Class, 8. The Store, 9. The Painted Room, 10. Seals posing, 11. Roadside Diner, 12. Roadside Diner, 13. Lobster Lunch, 14. The Dyslexia Foundation, Christchurch, 15. Mackenzie Thorpe Statue, 16. Mackenzie Thorpe, Falling Heart, 17. The Dyslexia Foundation, 18. The Cupboard, 19. The Cupboard, 20. Zebrano, Wellington

Thirteen Things about:

random finds and crafty goodness from our trip to new zealand

1…. The Fabric Room, in Parnell is fabulous. I have brought home with me a handful of swatches of velvets in an amazing range of shades of pink, and one called bourbon, that I do not have a project in mind for, but I am just taken by the colour. They also had a wool mix felt in cornflower that I think I shall just have to get, again no specific project in mind but that is a minor detail really. The velvet is for backing on a cushion, I finished a tapestry a couple of years ago of a trout (Elizabeth Bradley), and haven't got around to, or found the right coloured/priced velvet for the cushion to be made up in. I did find some velvet earlier in the year but had to buy a metre minimum, and it was something like $180 per metre and I was prepared to pay that much. The Fabric Room was about 1/6th of this and the sample 'pink lady' looks like it will fit the project perfectly. Now all I need is for someone to make the cushion up.

2…. La Cigale, Parnell, for the best cheeses, and bread sticks. I wish we had found this last year when we were staying in Parnell, we would have had cheese and bread just about every night for dinner this time round whilst in this part of town. The cheeses imported from France are amazing, at around $90 per kg they were still worth every cent. This store is worth visiting, with an interesting collection of vintage furniture and accessories, clothing, and of course the food. An organic fruit and vegetable market is held on Wednesdays, and we got some fabulously sweet tomatoes and a cucumber, as well as a chook for dinner that night.

3…. Hamburgers from Riba Fish 'n' Chips Cafe, in Devonport are a must. We accidentally stumbled on this Fish and Chips takeaway, and we all agreed that these were the best hamburgers ever.

4…. The Department of Doing! Not really sure what this was about at first, but when we saw that they were selling cans of 'Inspiration' it all sort of fell into place...

5….Napier! for art deco architecture, we unfortunately were only driving through, but a couple of days here would have been a good idea.

6…. Interisland Ferry, I could just ride the ferry all day, back and forth between the islands. The three hour trip was so enjoyable, with the most beautiful scenery. It was the perfect way to recharge the batteries mid holiday.

7….Nelson, simply a must when you reach the south island. Instead of travelling straight on to Blenheim, do yourself a favour and take the detour to Nelson. Recommended by one of mum's friends I am so glad we spent a couple of days here. It is a bit of an art and craft hub for glass, ceramics, jewellery and art in general, and is just really pretty. We visited the Hoglund glass showroom which put a dint in the bank balance, and the MacMillans Ceramics showroom. There is also a good range of antique shops.

8…. The Store, Fantastic view and really great food. This place was about 40minutes out of Blenheim (my tip about Blenheim keep driving) or Kaikoura depending on the direction you are driving. We stopped here and just took in the amazing view, dipped our feet in the water and followed some birds.

9…. Strangely Familiar! Vintage wares in Wellington near the Wellington Botanic Gardens (which are well worth a visit), I got myself some crocheted dishcloths and something for B for Christmas, naturally I can't say any more about this now. Another shop again for fun vintage finds, as well as interesting couture is The Painted Room, in Christchurch, plenty of ideas gathered here. It was a pity we were over our baggage limits by this stage.

10…. Seals! Coming into Kaikoura, along the highway, we were simply driving along and we came across this 'family' of seals along the rocky shoreline. We have never seen seals in the wild before, at least, not like this!

11….Roadside Lobster! Kaikoura has a quirky little roadside diner, sort of... You see, it looks as though the owners simply parked on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and set up shop! Items include, Whitebait sandwich, Garlic Mussels & Garlic Scallops! We had to go back the following day to get a lobster for lunch, YUMM!!

12…. The Dyslexia Foundation, Christchurch in particular the Mackenzie Thorpe monumental bronze, is so emotive. It is fantastic what has been achieved with the building, garden and sculptures. The talking chairs give you a real appreciation for those who suffer from dyslexia. It is truly inspirational.

13…. Clothes! T'da, an old favourite and a must stop at (either on the way from the airport or to it) in Auckland. The Cupboard, in Parnell and opposite where we were staying, simply beautiful clothes and not so beautiful prices! Zebrano, and Untouched World both in Wellington's CBD, had some stunning clothes. Even taking into account of the exchange rate, it was still quite expensive!

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