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18 April, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #21 - Tilt-Shifting Photos

Thursday Thirteen - Tilt-Shifting

This week, I have been told of a great little website, for making my images, into 'Tilt-SHIFT', or to make them look like minitures or models! So I went back through my collection, and turned some of them into these 'Tilt-shift'!! Some, look MUCH better than others, but over all, for a free utility, that saves a lot of edit time (or worse still, a couple of hundred bucks on a lens), I'm pretty happy with the results!

  2. ZIG ZAG RAILWAY - Blue Mountains
    Zig Zag TS
    Thirlmere Flyer TS
    Prague TS
    Rialto Bridge Venice TS
  6. CAIRO
    Pyramids TS
  7. LONDON - Tube
    Notting Hill Gate Tube TS
    CLK Aerial TS
    Ho Chi Minh TS
  10. OSLO
    Holmenkollen Ski Jump TS
  11. ROME
    Rome Traffic TS
    MELB Sporting Precinct TS
  13. SYDNEY
    Sydney CBD Nth SYD TS

Hoo roo for now...



07 March, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #20 - Avalon Airshow Special

Thursday Thirteen - Avalon Airshow Special!!

Recently, I went to the Avalon Airshow on the outskirts of Melbourne. We stayed in central Melbourne city itself, and drove out daily for the fly-ins, as we would not actually be there for the show itself. However, I was there on the Trade Day as well, so these photos are a mix of arriving aircraft, display practices, and of the trade day itself... Its interesting to see how 'the other half' commute in some of the photos as well!

  1. USAF F-16C Avalon Air Show XII
    USAF F-16C Take Off

  2. Avalon Orion
    Orion on display

  3. Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor Avalon Air Show V
    Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor

  4. Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor Avalon Air Show IV
    Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor - Bomb Bay

  5. RAAF F-18F Super Hornet Avalon Air Show
    RAAF F-18F Super Hornet Landing

  6. Airshow Spotter
    Shooting over the fence

  7. RSAF Chopper Avalon Trade Day
    Republic of Singapore Air Force

  8. Republic of Singapore Airforce Team Avalon Airshow Trade Day
    Republic of Singapore Air Force Display

  9. COMULUX A319CJ Cabin Shot II Avalon Airshow Trade Day
    COMULUX A319CJ Cabin

  10. COMULUX A319CJ Cabin Shot Avalon Airshow Trade Day
    COMULUX A319CJ Dining Area

  11. COMULUX A319CJ
    COMULUX A319CJ Interior Cabin

  12. RAAF - BAE 127 Hawk
    RAAF - BAE 127 Hawk

  13. RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet CLIMB
    RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet CLIMB
    RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet TURN
    RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet TURN

Hoo roo for now...


01 November, 2012

Thursday Thirteen #19 Blind Photography

Over the last couple of days, I have been 'entertaining' a friend of a friend of mine, who had come up from Melbourne, as a photo of his was being exhibited in a competition, Arts Access Australia - Art for people with disabilities. He took out the inaugural, Peoples Choice Award!!

Andrew is vision impaired, and is legally blind. The way he explained it to me was, he has zero sight in his left eye, so close your left eye, now 'squint' your right eye, so as you can only JUST see something about a meter in front of you... that is all the sight he has! Bad hey! So with that in mind, I showed him around, as best we could, some of the Sydney spots for his upcoming work, 'Day is Night' which will be exhibited in August 2013, and here is some of my shots from the two days in Sydney...
  1. Woolloomooloo Gate - The Royal Botanic Gardens
    Woolloomooloo Gate - Royal Botanic Gardens
  2. Fort Denison - Sydney harbour
    Fort Denison
  3. Kangaroo Paw - Mrs Macquaries Point
    Kangaroo Paw
  4. Photographer and his Guide Dog
    Andrew and his guide dog, Eamon
  5. Sailing Ship
    Sailing Ship
  6. 'Talent'
    Sailing Boat - TALENT
  7. Sydney Ferries
    Friendship and Scarborough
  8. Water over Rocks
    Water over Rocks
  9. Opera House, Harbour Bridge (and a Ferry)
    Opera House and Harbour Bridge
  10. Light Painting a Photographer
    Andrew (blind Photographer) being 'Light Painted'
  11. Sydney CBD by night
    Sydney CBD
  12. 'Andrew' and the CBD by night
    Andrew (blind photographer) with Sydney CBD
  13. Sydney Olympic Park - Boulevard
    Olympic Boulevard - Sydney olympic Park
Hoo roo for now...

11 October, 2012

Thursday Thirteen # 18 End of year rundown...

Thursday Thirteen 
Things to do, in whats left of this year!
  1. Work, I am doing a report, OSCAR. This, basically, reports on the energy, water, gas and fuels (DSL and ULP) that we have used for the fiscal year; 1 Jul;y '11 - 30 June '12. Its kinda boring, but interesting, I just wish that when items are purchased, the purchaser doesn't list it as "DSL as per invoice", how am I suppose to know/get/report how many ltr's were used?
  2. Three and a half weeks, I am off to Vietnam with J and M. I have said, it isn't necessarily a destination I had wanted to go to, neither was Bali, but when L & I went there, I loved it, and I suspect it will be the same. I am looking forward to it, don't get me wrong, its just a different destination I hadn't had on my list of places to go...
  3. We don't do Halloween or Thanksgiving here in Australia. Sure, some people do, but in general, not a popular event! BUT, I am looking forward to seeing some of my distant friends outfits and how they celebrate!
  4. Shopping, I have to do Christmas shopping! Don't know when/how/what, but it will get done soon... Maybe, some Vietnamese gifts?
  5. Soon it will be the Events Season, so lots of FREE concerts. Jazz, Symphony & Opera in the Domain, Carols in the Domain, New Years Eve, Open Air Cinema just to name a few!!
  6. Warmer weather, and hopefully dry as well, will mean time spent down the beach with Bronty...
  7. Coming up, not sure about the date at this stage, is the Organ and Tissue Memorial Service, where last year, I spoke. It is put on by the Lions Eye Bank, after donating L's eyes.
  8. December, is L's birthday, our wedding anniversary as well (within a week) and then there is Christmas as well!!! So a lot of things going 'on'!
  9. By mid-late December, if I have timed it right, the Roses will be in full bloom. It will be a couple of weeks after, that they will be given a medium to heavy prune, a top-up fertiliser and then a good watering to bring on a second flush of blooms...
  10. Saturday, I'm off to Floriade in Canberra... Hopefully, the Tulips will still be good and in full bloom. Whilst we've had some warmer days in Sydney, not to mention the winds (both of which destroy the Tulip blooms), Canberra is still a very balmy -1c overnight, and tops around the low-mid teens!
  11. I have all my vaccinations for the Vietnam trip, all that remains is the Malaria tablets, which I will get just before going...
  12. Bronty will be staying at the Vets, so I need to book her in, in the next couple of days...
  13. SLEEP, I need to get some good SLEEP! I have been sleeping, but every morning is a bit of a struggle to get out of bed... I think it is just the change in the day, as last week, we sprung forward into daylight savings!
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Hoo roo for now...

04 October, 2012

Thursday Thirteen # 17 - Shiny

Thursday Thirteen - Shiny...

Federation Square (Fed Square) in Melbourne has all of these eclectic shaped buildings, and here is just one of them, with its shiny, yet oddly shaped, glass facade...

Fed Square - Melb 
This little Fokker, with the sun shining off the First Officer's Window, was my first time on this type of aircraft...

My Fokker Ride to AMS
In Amsterdam, mainly around the airport to do some 'spotting' I hired this little, shiny new, Hyundai i10... Yes, it was LITTLE!

My Ride - AMS Hyundai i10
When I went to Floriade, Venlo The Netherlands, one of the displays was 'Dancing Tulips, which were glowing a shiny colour changing whilst they moved around.

Floriade 2012 Venlo, The Netherlands
Back in 2004, we visited Coventry, and into the old, and new, Cathedral. Here though, the sun is shining through the stained glass window.

Coventry Cathedral
These tea plates, all shiny and clean, were once blogged, many years ago before L died (she had a thing for eclectic cups & sauces...

Tea Plates
I really love the way that the light is shining off the water droplets on this Lilly leaf...

Bali Botanic Garden Lilly Leaf
 I always like this shot - i just love the way the light shines off L's cup of tea...

Cuppa Eye
Sydney, really has some great architecture, and here it is at its best, at night, shining off Farm Cove (which is part of Sydney harbour).

Sydney CBD at Night
Macc, although not technically allowed, often came with me to the cemetery where L is buried. Here he is, reflection of the shiny clean glass, looking towards where she is buried...

Macc looking for mum
L'incontro is a little cafe/restaurant in Melbourne, and they have a cute, shiny, little logo on the wall outside. Its a little copper man running with a plate and cup!

In 2009, the ITRC (International Turf Research Congress) was held in Santiago, Chile. Here, at the Grand Hyatt, the light is shining through the rooftop glass into the foyer area.

Grand Hyatt Santiago
Doha, Qatar, has two very different sections to its city, the old and the new. Here, is the new, City Mall, and the sun is shining through the rooftop glass, across 5 levels of shopping floors and down onto the ice-skating rink below.

City Center Mall

Hoo roo for now...