14 July, 2008

A Chinese week...

This last week, we have been 'looking after' 2 very kind gentlemen from Chin, 'Peter' and 'Mr Day'! They are part of a group of about 40 students and teachers visiting Australia (Sydney) whilst on school holidays at home. We picked them up last Monday evening, and gave them some dinner at home and they pretty much 'hit the hay' as they were tired.
Their week with us consisted of 5:45am wake up call to leave by 7am to catch the train to Central. Then off to UTS for a morning lesson on English. Afternoons were touring around the city itself. This was also the week that L was up in Cairns, and did not return until late Friday evening!
However, on the Saturday, it was a long coach ride down to Canberra (approx 4 hours) for only a 2 hour visit! Needless to say, they were exhausted, and we treated them to an 'Aussie BBQ' of Sausages (bangers).
Yesterday, we treated to a visit to our local Gardens where the Council have some Kangaroos, Wallaby's and Emus. Off into Westfield for some shopping, where we had to find a Chinese speaking shop assistant, as the lady at the Lancome counter was getting a bit 'short' shall we say...
We then headed off to visit my 'In-laws' for an afternoon coffee down at Balmoral Beach. It was a really beautiful, mild Sydney Winter, and apart from the overcast conditions, we did not get any rain.
On the way over, we stopped in at Sydney Olympic Park to show them where we had the Olympics in 2000. First the main Stadium, then the Olympic Boulevard and finally the Cauldron that held the flame for the two weeks of the games. I showed them that ALL of the medal winners, had a small plaque with the event, country and name in the same colour as the medal they had won. BY CHANCE, the first one they found, was not only from China, but from their CITY!

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