04 July, 2008

Thematic Photographic: Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool

Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool

This weeks installment for Carmi's 'Thematic Photographic' is of Sydney's Andrew 'Boy' Charlton Pool, whic is next to us at work. This photo was from when the Kittyhawk was in town!

There is a large composition of 'SKY' within this photo, which is wht I picked it (not to mention that it is raining today, so it would be just grey!).


  1. I love the sky! It seems to reflect the pool (but of course it's the other way round!).

    Nice shot :)

  2. great shot! and the pool fits in nicely with the theme.... the pool looks sooo inviting... my eyes goes right to that sky too, what a beautiful day....

    very nice.

  3. Do you remember Philippa Skipper from RAS? Well, her grandfather was Andrew 'Boy' Charlton! Phip is a great swimmer too...in fact in May she is off to Sri Lanka for 3 months to teach Sri Lankan kids to swim.


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