05 November, 2008

Farewell Pa; Gone but not forgotten

Pa's Memorial Booklet cover

Yesterday, we had Pa's funeral, and above is a photo of him from (I think) not to long ago... This photo just happened to be facing Nan, and some of his favourite things, were all placed on his coffin in the church (his hat, rosary beads, a diary (he had a diary in his pocket at ALL times!) and of course, some scratchies... no winners here either! The following poem was read out:

The Smile:

By Michael Leunig

I shot a smile into the air
It came to earth, I know not where
Perhaps on someone else's face
In some forgotten quiet place.

Perhaps somewhere a sleeping child
Has had a happy dream and smiled
Or some old soul about to die
Who smiled and made a little sigh.

Has sighed a simple final prayer
Which lifts up gently in the air
And flows into the world so wild
Perhaps to wake the sleeping child.

A much younger Pa

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