24 January, 2009

Throw Out Time: - Let the 'fun' begin...

Today, and yesterday for L, is being set aside to 'clean out' the in-laws... Only trouble is, that yesterday it was in the very high 30's (38 from memory) and today, it is like already 40C!
But, there has already been a lot done, you can now see at least three of the four walls in the first bedroom! More will come, paintings have been taken to the last sister down, we took BOTH cars full of box's home, and there is still a LOT more to go!
So, I can't stay on here to long, I might get into trouble, as I am listing a lot of things on eBay for the FIL in his new account. Set him up on the net through this last week, and within a day or two, he has an eBay account, where he has also made his first purchase and is already searching for books He had better NOT collect to much after we de-clutter the house!!!
Cheers for now, its hot and I will be going for a quick swim to cool down and start listing on eBay.

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