10 May, 2009

Life's rolling along...

HAPPY Mother's Day!!!
Well, life is still rolling along here, a bit of a struggle at times, but it is going on... This last week I have had a couple of new arrivals... It was also a little difficult visiting, but on the same note, I would not have missed it for the world...
On 1st May, there was the arrival of Sydney James... He is a little cutie, don't you think?

Sydney James 1 May 2009

Then, on Wednesday, the 'next-sister-down' & Paddy had there second little boy, Jamie Michael. Again, isn't he a little cutie?

Jamie Michael 6 May 2009

Yesterday, I was looking after Max & Will whilst their parents got the house ready for Mother's Day lunch. We had a great day. Today, after having breakfast out here with my mum, I have to head home (quickly...) to pack before heading to lunch at L's family then heading onto the airport for my flight...

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