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10 May, 2020

Happy Mothers Day

So, this weekend was full of a LOT of hardworking, and RIP to my back; AGAIN!

Friday afternoon, I hired a Britex Carpet Cleaner from Woolworths. Feedback on mums house was that the carpets needed a clean and was putting off buyers. So, and the 'Sparrows Fart' I drove out to mums and got stuck into it.... And, they came up a treat! I thought that two rooms MAY have needed a second going over, but when I went back later in the day, they looked fine...

However, after lunch, I did my HUGE lounge room rug, one that was given to us by L's parents when we moved to Merrylands in 2005!! It was found on a 'Council Cleanup' and was used in the garden for L's 21st birthday!! L would be 50 now, so its an oldie, and pure wool as well!!! Now, I have been wanting to clean this rug since I moved here in 2016, thats almost 4 years now!!!! You can only imagine the colour of the water coming out of the machine!! (Thank GOD for some Endone in the reserve medication cabinet...)


So, after a HORRIBLE nights sleep of waking up every 2 hours, a hot shower at 0230, I gave up at about 0700 of any more sleep, and (slowly) got myself ready and drove to L's grave with some flowers, Sunflowers... I had 3, one each for L, and for each twin... The Chrysanthemum's and Gerbera's were for mum and home!


And on my way home, I then stopped in at Pinegrove, where I was reasonably lucky, as it wasn't TOO busy; just yet. Mums name plate/plaque had been installed recently... I later found out, from a mate coming to help put lounges back on the rug, that when he drove past, the line to get in was nearly 1km long!!!! So I am glad I did my visits early!!!!


And, after all of this, including resting my back, this afternoon I called J the MIL, and had a chat with her, its a shame that we couldn't get together today with this Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, but as of next week, some of the lockdown restrictions will be lifted, so maybe a belated day together....

So I hope you all had a great Mothers Day, or are about to HAVE the best Mothers Day pending on where you live...

Hoo roo for now...


10 May, 2009

Life's rolling along...

HAPPY Mother's Day!!!
Well, life is still rolling along here, a bit of a struggle at times, but it is going on... This last week I have had a couple of new arrivals... It was also a little difficult visiting, but on the same note, I would not have missed it for the world...
On 1st May, there was the arrival of Sydney James... He is a little cutie, don't you think?

Sydney James 1 May 2009

Then, on Wednesday, the 'next-sister-down' & Paddy had there second little boy, Jamie Michael. Again, isn't he a little cutie?

Jamie Michael 6 May 2009

Yesterday, I was looking after Max & Will whilst their parents got the house ready for Mother's Day lunch. We had a great day. Today, after having breakfast out here with my mum, I have to head home (quickly...) to pack before heading to lunch at L's family then heading onto the airport for my flight...

13 May, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Well, it's all over for yet another year... Mother's Day! This year, the festivities were to be held at our place, where all were treated to a feast of butterflied lamb leg (roasted, and then finished on the BBQ); BBQ Plum Chicken Kebab skewers and to many salads to mention!

We were also treated to two Sri Lankan dish's that went down a treat (they were also extremely HOT!).

Both mother's were here for the day, as with L's sisters and sister in law with their children, AND L's grandmother at 93 years young! Here are a couple of photo's of the day, the cake:

Mothers Day 2008 Cake
And the family:

Mothers Day 2008

Hope you had a great day mum...