28 July, 2009

Life around Chile... From an Aussie's perspective

Today was full of conference stuff... Poster displays in the morning, another huge lunch followed by an afternoon of Research Paper presentations. Boring right? Maybe not to me, but that's ok for you to think it is!

So, in an effort to keep you here and reading, I will not go on to what was presented, but rather to give you an Aussie's perception of Santiago. And apologies in advance, there were no photos taken today due to being in a room all day!

  • Santiago appears to be a very clean city. There is no shortage of people cleaning, sweeping, hosing down the pavements, street gutters and buildings! I find some of this very strange, hosing, as there are so many areas in Australia, and the world, that have water shortages, it should not be wasted!
  • Landscaping is very similar to what I am use to in Sydney. Species are very similar in the wider horticultural sense, but they differ dramatically when looking downwards to the turf. Sydney, has a predominate warm season grasses whereas here the common are the cool season species, Perennial Ryes, Fescues and so on.
  • Tree planting are, to me, somewhat of a concern with some horrid trees, Liquidambar, planted directly under the telecommunication cables, and within 2-3m of each other!
  • People are incredibly friendly, and are willing to either try or understand our accent and English where they can; try themselves to communicate in English, and are accepting of my very bad attempt of Spanish
  • Getting around the city of Santiago is easy, fast and efficient. The Metro to get into town is 400 CLP ($0.89 AUD or $0.79 USD) how cheap is that!
  • Food is fresh and very VERY tasty... I had lunch the other day, 1/4 chicken with chips, a beer (in one of those big handle jug type glass) and a dessert... 1990 CLP ($4.43 AUD/$3.67)!!!

So, if you want to come to Chile, I throughly recommend you do...

Tomorrow, I am off to Vallenevado, so there WILL be photo's tomorrow, PROMISE!


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