30 July, 2009

Valle Nevado

Today started out quite cool, and after a quick bite to eat, I headed down the road to the Conference Hotel to catch the bus as it was 'Conference Tour Day'! Now most of the delegates were off to either the local 'National Stadium' and Winery, or off to a Golf Course, and a Winery (the Sod farm was cancelled due to lack of interest...), but I thought long and hard about it, and thought I will go on the trip to Valle Nevado Ski resort!

It was not that far of a drive there, and as there was only 8 people taking the opportunity of something unique, it were almost had our own little private tour! After about 20 mins or so, we started our ascent up (yes, UP) the mountain. We were going to go up 3000m and that was just to the car park, hotel and restaurant/bar (and where the trails and lifts start)! Trouble was, the bus we were travelling in was only going at a MAX of about 30klm AT BEST, but we had to negotiate a very long and windy road. There was some 60 odd hairpin bends and it felt like at least another 100-200 others that were close as well! It was also a road that was just wide enough for one and a half cars, which was fun when trying to pass oncoming traffic!

Once at the bottom of the mountain, there was a rental place in the car park, and one again under the restaurant/bar. Also, downstairs was a cheap and cheerful cafeteria styled place which had some good looking food and drinks etc. There was a magnitude of different lifts from tow-ropes, to J bars to Quadchairs, which were all easily accessible and quick.

We had lunch out on the snow at a cute little place, I had a pizza, whilst some of my travel buddies had BBQ spears with salsa and bread. Refreshments were also had, (soft for me) and we were once again off to the lifts, this time, the top we went!

Valle Nevado: - Powder run, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

When it came time to pack up the gear and head for home (thank goodness), I noticed these widowmakers on one of the hotels... I sure hope that they do NO damage!

Valle Nevado: - Widow Makers, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Farewell Valle Nevado, thanks for a great day!


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