04 February, 2011

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...

Mind set: - confused!

Sort of, but not really! In a day where the realisation of TC Yasi was becoming apparent, I had spent the day seeking information, preparing information, and giving out information! And somewhere in amongst all of that, I had some really great company around me (which was fantastic) and ate some really great food (which was also fantastic)!

It all started early, VERY early! I had not been sleeping terribly crash hot, not a good comparison since we've been having daily temps for a week now above 38c! In fact, on Tuesday it hit 41.7 in the early evening, but at 1.20am (Wednesday) it was still a stifling 32.9c! So thus, my lack of sleep...

Overnight Temps

ANYWAY, I had gotten to work and I was working on an image that just did NOT want to play... So I got it to its best and then went and got a coffee, I so needed a coffee!

Heading towards lunch, I was beginning to do a report needed for work and I got SO hungry, so I went over to Martin Place with S, as she was a little 'stressed' to say the least! I ordered the Scotch Fillet Steak Sandwich with an Orange and Passionfruit juice!

Orange & Passionfruit Juice
Steak Sandwich Lunch

After lunch, J had been looking at getting a lens, Sigma APO 50-500mm 50-500 F/4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM, and after a bit of searching, I had found a couple locally as a lot on eBay were Hong Kong based. On my way home, I stopped in a shop in Drummoyne where he didn't have THAT lens, but more so the 150-500 instead! AND, as he's right under the flight path, would make a great spot to have a play with it and test it out before buying it! And I am now going to get one as well (my b'day present), as my 80-400 lens, which I've had for nearly 2 years now, I only got to 'learn on' before going out and spending up big! We are now in the midst of negotiating on a price, as depending on where they get purchased from, rounds out at c. $3,000!

Sigma APO 50-500mm 50-500 F/4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM

And last night, after a brief chat with M on the way home, we decided to meet up at La Mono for some 'wog food', which is a fun way of saying Lebanese! We had some chicken, shish, bread and TWO bowls of Garlic Dip, YUMM!!! Thanks guys, both M&J for having dinner, I had a great night and I hope that you both did as well! And thanks for the great company...

La Mono Feast

This is why I am content at the moment, I have some great friends and associates around lately, to which I am grateful for!

Hoo roo for now...


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