03 February, 2011

Thursday Thirteen No. 13: Yasi

Tropical Cyclone YASI hitting the Far North Queensland coastline... Stay safe!

  1. Premier Anna Bligh, simply amazing with all of the natural disasters you've had to face so far this year...
    QLD Premier Anna Bligh & PM Julia Gillard
  2. 7.31am A baby has girl has been born in a Cairns evacuation centre. She arrived at 6.09am (AEST) after her mother Akiko Pruss went into labour three hours ago in the first aid room of Redlynch State College. Mrs Pruss has made it clear her second child will not be called Yasi.
  3. Tropical Cyclone Yasi approaching the Queensland Coast...
    TC Yasi
  4. "It is just a scene of mass devastation. (Cyclone) Larry was a boy compared to this." Larry was Australia's most recent Cyclone, the largest since Tracy hit Darwin.
  5. TC Yasi overlaying the United States to show just how BIG it is...
    TC Yasi (overlay to compare size to USA)
  6. "It is just a scene of mass devastation. (Cyclone) Larry was a boy compared to this."
  7. Satellite map of TC Yasi...
    Satellite map yasi 12-30am QLD time
  8. The VERY DESTRUCTIVE CORE of the cyclone will take up to 4 hours to pass.
  9. Showing strength in the line of TC Yasi
    Good luck North Queensland Yasi
  10. DESTRUCTIVE winds with gusts in excess of 125 km/h between Cape Tribulation and Ayr will spread inland overnight.
  11. Shopping Center becomes a 'make-shift' safe house for the local communities
    Earlville shopping centre
  12. Reports are coming in that all banana crops have been lost and over $505 million worth of sugar cane is also gone.
  13. Banana crops ruined...
    Ruined Bananas

    Hoo roo for now...

    Source of images and selected text: - News.com.au



    1. Wow, these storms are beautiful and terrible at the same time. I hope everyone gets through okay.

    2. Being a fellow Aussie I am still in absolute awe at the sheer size and ferocity of Yasi. Ive been at work most of the day, but last I heard there was no known loss of life. Incredible.
      Happy T13.

    3. having survived many hurricanes I can only say Good luck and God Bless to all but wow the weather you've had this year floods and all !!

    4. I am hoping that Mother Nature will start being kind to Quenslanders, they need a break.

    5. Oh Bernie, this is terrible! My heart aches. That was one hellava storm!

    6. Wow, how sad. Weather is awesome. I hope there were no casualties.

    7. I was listening to the news on the way to work this morning about the devastation this storm left behind. so sad.

    8. What an amazing storm. My hubby is from those parts.

      Have a great day!

    9. I can't even imagine. I'm just thankful so far there's been no loss of life report.

      Happy TT

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    10. Wow. I've been watching the winter storm over USA and didn't realize this huge one was even out there.

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